Saturday, 23 July 2011

Push the button

Round 14: Winter 2022
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Cal and Elissa Cooper are 60 and Josh is 17.
(Lilly is 17.)

Narrated by Josh Cooper

It's my last year in high school and I'm working my butt off. I usually stay up quite late to finish my homework because I don't have the time to do it before heading off to work. All my hard work has paid off though because not only was I accepted into Brixton University but I also got five scholarships!

I'm thinking of maybe applying for the arts program because I'm interested in photography so I need to get a nice portfolio. Then I stay up even later and try to get some paintings done.

Mom usually has to drag me out of bed in the morning. She always has the same lecture how I should get up earlier than 15 minutes before the school bus arrives.

Weekends are dedicated to Lilly. We both have school stuff and jobs during the week so we don't see each other outside of school at all. I try to make up for what a jerk I was some time ago so I often bring her flowers. She's always so happy to get even just one rose.

Lately we've both been feeling like we've grown out of the whole Generation X phase and none of our friends go there anymore either. Having a job means that I can actually take Lilly somewhere nicer than our old hangout. Last saturday we went to Café Carousel which is a real restaurant.

The food was delicious and everyone treated us like we're adults. Lilly ordered a salad while I went straight to the dessert. I couldn't really afford to order all courses. I make some money with my job but delivering pizzas doesn't make me a Rockefeller!

Lilly picked that moment for a serious talk.

"Remember that thing we were fighting about last year... you know, when I said I wasn't ready?" she asked. I nodded and felt a bit panicky. What was she going to say?!

"Well, I've thought about it and I think I'm ready" she said and took my hand. "I know it's not really possible right now, I mean, our parents would freak out big time if they caught us... but I just wanted to let you know that there's more than studies to wait for when we go to college."

Needless to say I was a happy lad after our date. Part of me wishes that she hadn't said anything because now I feel like next year can't come fast enough!

That's just one of the reasons I'm more and more anxious to move to Brixton. My parents are another major reason. I try to avoid eating with them nowadays because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to keep my food down.

I mean they're 60 and they can't keep their hands off of each other! Even during meals they stop eating and look at each other with that goofy smile on their faces. Lilly says it's sweet but she doesn't have to live with them!

I don't even want to think about what goes on in their bedroom. Unfortunately the walls in this apartment are like paper so I can't avoid hearing stuff. It has scarred me for life.

I talked to dad about it the other day and he just laughed.

"Jealous? Just so you know, son, life doesn't end when you turn 60. It just gets better" he said and winked.

I can't wait to get out of this place.

  • Title reference: Push the button by Sugababes.
  • I was very surprised when I realised that Josh qualifies for 5 scholarships. He just doesn't seem like a very studious guy. He got the one for good grades and the one for achieving the top of a teen career, the rest are from skills: mechanical, creativity and dancing.
  • Cal and Elissa really are all over each other all the time. I figured Josh would probably be quite grossed out by them while Lilly would find it endearing.


  1. I can imagine that Josh doesn't like to think about his parents in the bedroom! Seeing them all over each other is more than enough for a teenage boy :)
    I'm glad Lilly and Josh gotten over their differences, they make a really cute couple!

  2. LOL! Cal is so funny, "Jealous? Just so you know, son, life doesn't end when you turn 60. It just gets better" LOL! What a perfect line coming from him.

  3. Aw, how cute are Josh and Lilly? And he's learning that good things come to those who wait as well. ;

    Poor Josh though! I was always quite glad my parents were never the affectionate types. I don't think anyone likes thinking about their parents that way! "Jealous?" was too funny though, lol.

    Yay for Josh and his 5 scholarships! Some Sims surprise you, eh?

  4. Josh and Lily are quite adorable together :). It's sweet that he waited until she was ready. And congrats to him on all those scholarships! I'm glad my parents weren't very affectionate like that, definitely a weird situation to live in lol.

  5. Tanja, I don't think anyone likes to them about their parents in the bedroom!

    I'm glad Lilly and Josh worked out their problems. I was afraid he would do something stupid like sleep with someone else, seeing that he's a Romance sim.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Apple Valley, I've always thought that Cal has a bit of a twisted sense of humour so that's just something that I imagine he would say.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Carla, Josh and Lilly are very cute. I'm glad he respected her enough to wait until she's ready. It's just going to be even more special when they finally do it.

    I agree, nobody wants to think about their parents that way. Josh definitely doesn't, lol!

    I don't remember having a sim reach 5 scholarships for a long time. They usually get only 3 or 4.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Mizzgin03, I was afraid that Josh and Lilly would break up. I'm glad he decided to back off and respect her choice to wait.

    He did really good in school this session and was able to get his grade up to A-. I'm very proud of him :)

    I think Josh might be exaggerating just a bit but it's true that Cal and Elissa really are very affectionate.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  6. Poor Josh. I feel the same way he did, even now! My mom and I are close enough that we talk about everything, but actually seeing her doing those kinds of things would make me feel really weird.

    I was quite worried about him and Lilly. I was almost sure he was going to blow it, and am so relieved he didn't.

    It's so mice to see a sim working so hard to get to college. And I have to admit, the 5 scholarships shocked me. Most Romance sims don't care one way or the other, but I guess his secondary helps. I wish my teens would get some of that spirit.

    Cal cracks me up! He reminds me of my uncles.


  7. Cal and Elissa are too cute. Good for them for still being very affectionate with one another, even at 60, but if course that has to be embarrassing for a 17 year old, so I feel Josh's pain.

    Good for Josh getting so many scholarships for school. Nice that his hard work paid off. Also, how cute of him to feel so grown up to be able to take his girlfriend to an real adult restaurant lol.

    Very cute update, looking forward to the next.

  8. Fini, it's the same with me and my mom. We talk about everything but I wouldn't want to see her do stuff, lol.

    I was worried too. I'm glad he decided to wait.

    5 scholarships is very rare in Wellington! I definitely didn't expect Josh to get so many. I'm proud of him.

    Cal is funny. I've always seen him as a pretty laid-back kind of guy.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    serinsims, Cal and Elissa are one of my favorite older couples. They've been through a lot and all their problems have only made them stronger.

    Josh did an amazing job getting those scholarships. He and Lilly would be the oldest kids at Generation X so he feels he's way too old for that place now. It was nice taking them out to a real restaurant.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  9. I love that short hairstyle on Elissa. It fits her face very well.

    Cal and Elissa are too cute. I am sure they are looking forward to being empty nesters and having a little bit more privacy.

    I laughed out loud when Cal asked Josh was he jealous. I like that he wasn't a prude and tried to make light of it. I am sure Josh didn't appreciate it. But it was funny to me.

  10. oasisvalley, I like Elissa's hairstyle too and I think it fits not only her face but her personality too because I see her as a no-fuss kind of woman.

    I think I'll enjoy playing Cal and Elissa even after Josh has gone off to college. They're a lovely couple.

    Cal is currently one of my favorite elders in Wellington. He's such a fun guy even though Josh doesn't probably think that way right now ;)

    Thanks for reading. :)