Sunday, 1 April 2012


Round 15: January 2023
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Brooke Harper is 31 and Charlie Greene is 29.
(Alexander and Bobbie are both 72, Chase and Amabelle are both 68 and Alexa is 31.)

Narrated by Brooke Harper.

We moved into a bigger apartment a few weeks ago and money is pretty tight at the moment. Any spare money we have goes into our wedding budget so I'm trying to work on more articles and Charlie's working hard to get promoted.

Our parents are paying for the venue and honey moon but everything else is on us. I still haven't found a wedding dress so that's first on my list. Charlie doesn't seem stressed about the wedding at all. He says that he's fine with everything I come up with as long as we get married. His laid back attitude irritates me sometimes but then again it's not like I can ask him to help with the dress. I want him to be surprised and astounded when he sees me walking down the aisle.

I asked Alexa to come to Belle du Jour with me. It's a newly opened bridal shop in Exmoor and I was sure I would find the perfect dress there.

I was greeted by Dorothy Rohan who is the shop manager and head designer. She said that they could modify any dress to my liking or even make something from scratch if I didn't find something that I liked.

Alexa started to go through the racks with Dorothy's assistant Malia.

I lost count of how many dresses I tried on. They were all beautiful but just not quite right.

Alexa fell in love with this one and I kind of liked it too but I thought it was a bit too simple for my taste. The one I eventually chose had a very stylish design and some nice details. We all agreed that it was the perfect choice for me.

Alexa and I went to the Four Leaf Clover for lunch and also had a glass of champagne to celebrate the perfect dress.

The next day Charlie and I both had a day off so we headed off to Allerdale and Wellington to check out the venues. We've decided to have the ceremony at St. Mary's Church in Allerdale. It's such a beautiful little place. We want to have the reception in a less formal place though so we've chosen the Starry Nights Function Hall for that.

We've hired a party planner to help with all the little details because we both work full-time and don't have much free time. Carolyn Wheeler seems like a very capable woman so I'm sure our wedding is in good hands.

She showed us around the venue and shared some ideas she had. She was very keen to listen to any wishes we had about the food, drinks and decorations.

I hadn't even realised how stressed I was about the wedding because I want everything to be perfect. I feel much better now that I let someone else take care of the arrangements. This way Charlie and I still decide about everything but we can focus on enjoying our big day instead of worrying and stressing.

Mom and dad had invited us and Charlie's parents over for dinner so we could discuss the wedding plans and go through the final budget. Both our parents tried to convince us to let them pay for more than just their share but we put our foot down. We would feel weird letting them pay for everything because we've been living on our own for so long.

Dad got all teary-eyed when we were leaving.

"I can't believe my little girl is getting married" he said as he hugged me goodbye. I thought he was a bit silly but I didn't say anything. I've always been considered the baby of the family even though I'm only a few minutes younger than Alexa. I guess it's because it took me longer to really grow up so they all still see me as a kid sometimes.

It was really cold outside when we got back to our apartment building so we decided to relax in sauna before heading up to our apartment. It was really nice to unwind and talk about our future for a while.

  • Title reference: Happiness by Sam Sparro
  • Yay, my computer finally co-operated enough so I could update. Hopefully at some point this year I'll be able to buy a completely new PC but for now this will have to do.
  • Brooke and Charlie's wedding will happen in the Summer as scheduled. I already have most of it planned so now I just need to keep playing.
  • Brooke and Charlie's apartment is in a new building in Exmoor. Eve Midlock and Kaitlyn Brennan live in the same building but in a smaller apartment.
  • Starry Nights is a wonderful community lot by Carla from Sullivan.


  1. Can't wait to see the wedding!

    1. Me neither! It'll take some time to get there though because my computer is in a very bad condition at the moment.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  2. Hey, I recognise that lot! ;) I love the purple tablecloths with the gold chairs - that's one of my favourite colour combinations, though I've never used it in game. I hope Starry Nights works well for you for the reception. :)

    I can't wait to see the wedding, especially Brooke's dress! I can see why Brooke didn't go for either of the dresses she tried on in the pictures, nice as they are. I always think of her like I think of my Patience - someone who appreciates a dramatic fashion statement!

    1. I thought you might recognise the lot. The purple tablecloths and gold chairs were not my doing, I think I just didn't have the recolors you have but for once the game chose nice colours.

      I can't wait to get to the wedding! I still need to pick a suit for Charlie and dresses for the bridesmaids but everything else is ready. Oh right, I also have to decide who the groomsmen and bridesmaids will be, lol! I think of Brooke as a bit of a fashionista so a wedding dress that's too ordinary just wouldn't be right for her.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  3. I can't wait to see the dress she (you) chose :). She's going to be a stunning bride. So glad your computer has been cooperating as of late. Hopefully it'll continue so we can see these 2 get hitched :).

    1. I hope that everybody likes the dress Brooke chose. I think it suited her really well.

      My computer's been cooperating very well lately. It still struggles on bigger lots but otherwise I can't really complain.

      Thanks for reading. :)