Wednesday, 20 July 2016

That'll be the day

Round 16: November 2026
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(Max is 70, Regan is 62 and Dawn is 22.)

Jackie has transferred Café Carousel to Dawn and the two of them are checking out the place after the renovations are finished. The changes aren't too dramatic, just new walls and floors and some new furniture. Jackie was adamant that Dawn has to make the place look like hers and not think about what Jackie would have done. She's very pleased to see Dawn's vision. The restaurant looks modern but still nice and cozy.

Ryland decided to retire from his position as prime minister right after Jackie quit at the restaurant. This means they have time to sit down and enjoy breakfast together.

Jackie was afraid that Ryland would get bored after retiring but he's keeping himself busy by writing his memoirs. He and Jackie have also started dancing again and he often sweeps Jackie off to a waltz in the middle of their tiny living room.

Working long hours at the restaurant were really starting to take a toll on Jackie but now she enjoys cooking for her and Ryland and occasionally their friends.

Jackie never thought she'd see the day when Regan willingly leaves someone else in charge of her lab sometimes but apparently her assistant researcher is doing a superb job even to Regan's standards. This leaves Regan with more time to see her friends and family too.

Jackie and Ryland lost both their dogs Fifi and Marcel last year due to old age. This year they decided to buy a new dog and that's how Rolf the Russian Black Terrier ended up living with them.

  • Title reference: That'll be the day by Buddy Holly.
  • Yes, Dawn is now the proud owner of Café Carousel. I'll post a tour of the makeover in a couple of days.
  • I figured Ryland would want to retire too since Jackie's now free from her responsibilities with the restaurant. This way they can enjoy retirement together. And also 75 is quite a high age for a prime minister (which is the top position of the Politics career in my game) so it makes even more sense.
  • Fifi and Marcel sadly passed away in the beginning of my play session but I wanted Jackie and Ryland to have a new dog. I suck at naming pets and Rolf was the first name that popped in my mind. Poor dog LOL.


  1. I can't wait to see the tour, it sounds like retirement is agreeing with them.

    1. The tour is up now. I think retirement is the right decision for these two, it just makes so much sense.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. Writing his memoirs is a great idea for Ryland to keep his mind active...and it's exactly what a former prime minister would do! Interesting to see how well it sells. :) And Jackie being able to enjoy cooking again, now that it's no longer her job is a great thing too. :)

    I suck at pet naming too. I never have trouble with babies, but pets? Hopeless! Rolf is a cute name though!

    1. He didn't get very far with the memoirs but I'll definitely make him finish it and see how it sells.

      It's the same for me, picking a name for a baby is easy and fun but for a pet... nope. I'm glad you like the name Rolf, I'm still a bit "meh" about it.

      Thanks for your comment. :)