Monday, 15 December 2008


Wellington is the apple of my eye - my new hood which I've built from scratch. Building the hood is a living process since I've just started playing. New sims and new lots will be added somewhat frequently.

I have wanted to start a sims blog for a long time but for some reason I never got to start. Now that I finally have a hood that I'm very happy with I thought I'd begin blogging. I'm far too lazy for having highly sophisticated economical systems for my hood but I'll try to make it harder for my sims to get rich. In my opinion making money is way too easy in the game.

I have shamelessly ripped off ideas for my hood and my blog from Sullivan - with Carla's permission though :) When I first saw the posts at N99 I was just blown away. I don't think I would have started a blog if it wasn't for this magnificant hood. So thank you Carla/Buffy for the inspiration :)

I will start posting stories as soon as I have material - so far I've only played one family so there's not much to tell.


  1. Yay! I am so, so excited to see what you have in store for Wellington. I will be waiting with bated breath. :D

    And thank you for the compliments on Sullivan. I'm so flattered by the things you've said about my little old hood.

  2. Thanks :) I'm usually a quite slow player and now my computer has been acting up so it has taken a while to get the blog running. Hopefully I can speed things up a bit in the future.