Thursday, 20 August 2009

In my place

Round 9: Spring 2011
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Chase and Amabelle Harper are 56.
Kurt Robinson is 55 and Paige is 27.)

Narrated by Amabelle Harper.

Our house seems so empty now that all our kids are living on their own. I think Chase misses the chess games with the twins so now he's always playing by himself now.

Paige came for a visit one evening. She was acting pretty evasive when I asked her whether she and Jack would make me a grandmother soon.

I could tell she was feeling quite uncomfortable so I asked her to join me for a game of chess. I shouldn't pressure her about getting pregnant. She and Jack have only been married for about a year but I'm just so anxious to get my first grandchild!

My relationship to Chase just gets better and better the older we get. After over 30 years together I still get that rush of blood to the head when I see him.

Money is pretty tight at the moment. We've paid most of the twins' college tuitions but we had to take a loan. I was hoping we could finally hire a maid but since that's not possible I have to clean the house myself. Chase helps a lot but I keep telling him that he should concentrate on his career now that he finally got the job he's always wanted.

I decided we need a break from the domestic life so I asked Chase on a date with me. It feels like forever since the last time we went out together.

We went to Joie Délicieuse. It's supposed to be the most luxurious restaurant in town but I have to say I wasn't very impressed with the food. The champagne was good though!

I felt a bit childish after the dinner so I suggested to Chase that we'd try to skip the bill. It didn't work out too well. Not only did we end up paying but we also got a lecture from the host!

We ended our date in the best possible way. I miss the kids but I do enjoy the privacy. We don't have to worry about anyone knocking on our bedroom door at the wrong moment.

We both fell asleep but woke up a few hours later feeling quite hungry. I guess the small servings at Joie Délicieuse aren't really supposed to fill your stomach. Chase made us some burgers for a little late night snack. I have to say I don't think I've ever been this happy in my life.

Random pictures:
All my sims have gone completely mad! Kurt Robinson was making out with Carole Clarkson (townie) in the restaurant. I think I have to make some adjustments to the ACR setting for some sims because I don't want all of them to turn out cheaters!

  • Title from "In my place" by Coldplay
  • I played this household right after coming back from Helsinki but never got around to writing the update. So here it is finally! I know I said I'd take a couple of weeks off but I'm already anxious to play again. I don't have time for sims at the moment but I'll try to squeeze in a few sessions over the weekend.
  • I've jumped onboard the ROS wagon. I want to add some twists into the storylines so I'll roll about 3 events for each round. Amabelle's attempt to skip the bill was the first one for this round, unfortunately she and Chase just stood in the middle of the restaurant like idiots and the host caught them right away!


  1. LOL @ them getting caught by the host. I've only tried doing that once and my sim got away! I have also wanted to add ROS to my hood but it's so new that I would probably only be able to roll 1 or 2! So I'm saving that for when it gets a big bigger!

  2. I can't believe they stood in the middle of the diner, so funny. I do maybe 2-3 ROS for my small hood, just enough to add spice to the game.

  3. Ha, well, they're living it up now that the kids are out of the house! Fancy dinners and champagne and woohoo whenever they want to!

    ROSs are good fun. I completely forgot about them this round so I'm going to do them in Round 20.

  4. My sims have skipped out on the bill many times but Amabelle and Chase literally froze when I told them to run. Even shouting at them didn't help LOL

    I was afraid this household would be a complete bore now that they're on their own but it was quite fun to play actually.