Saturday, 29 August 2009


Round 9: Spring 2011
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Thomas Marlowe is 24, Patsy Greene and Camryn Mitchell are 20, Alexa Harper and Brooke are 19.
(Charlie is 17.)

Camryn is determined to get her grades up. She's usually found upstairs with her nose buried in books.

She forgets everything she's read so far when she sees Patsy. Patsy got a nice check from her parents when she turned 20. She decided she needed a makeover so she used the money on new clothes and makeup. She has also let her hair grow a bit longer. Camryn has never seen Patsy looking so feminine and hot!

Brooke and Thomas are playing chess and for once Brooke wins. But she gets a bit worried when Thomas barely reacts to her victory dance. He's been acting pretty weirdly lately.

It's true that Thomas hasn't quite seemed like himself for the past few days. The guilt of sleeping with Teri won't leave him alone. He doesn't know whether he should tell Nyah or just pretend that everything is ok. He knows that she would probably leave him if she knew and that would be more than he could bear.

The garden is starting look like a jungle again so Alexa and Brooke spend one afternoon raking leaves, pulling weeds and cutting the shrubs.

Brooke has noticed that Alexa's figure has gotten a bit fuller. At first she thought that maybe her twin sister is pregnant but she soon realizes that Alexa has just put on a few extra pounds. She doesn't want to say anything until Alexa mentions that she would love to shed a few pounds. Brooke has the perfect recipe for a slimmer body: they'll hit the gym after the finals. She also says that maybe Alexa should cook her own food instead of eating the cafeteria meals. "You're a much better cook than that old guy!"

The final exams are approaching. Brooke is still trusting her good luck to pass her exams so she invites Charlie over.

Patsy has done pretty much everything she wanted to do before the exam so she's taking things easy. Camryn on the other hand is studying hard in her room so Patsy watches tv instead of cuddling with her girlfriend.

Alexa is more interested in reading a fitness book that she borrowed from the library. She's determined to get in shape!

They all pass their exams despite of the distractions they might have had this semester. Camryn is very disappointed with her grade, it seems all her hard work just wasn't enough.

Patsy (junior) - 3.5 GPA, Psychology
Camryn (junior) - 2.9 GPA, Mathematics
Thomas (junior) - 3.8 GPA, Literature
Alexa (sophomore) - 3.6 GPA, Philosophy
Brooke (sophomore) - 4.0 GPA, Art

  • Title "Ricochet" by Faith No More
  • I didn't notice that Alexa had gotten a bit overweight so at first I thought she was pregnant!
  • Thomas woohooed with Teri again! Argh, I want him and Nyah to stay together. I have to keep a much closer eye on him!
  • Patsy got the Self-Love reward on ROS which meant she could use a certain amount of money on herself. I gave her new clothes and a new hairstyle. And that's why I made such a big deal of her getting new clothes ;)


  1. Poor Thomas, maybe he is trying to tell you something. I love Patsy's new look.

    What size are you pictures?

  2. Wow, I still can't get oer your images, the play of light and color-college looks like so much fun! Poor Thomas, sometimes sims have a way of determining thier own path.

  3. My pictures are 600x450 but they're resized to 430x322 to fit the blog layout (you can view the full sized pics by clicking the pics on the entries). My game resolution is 1280x1024 but I crop, resize and sharpen the pics. I use good ol' SimCamera for screencaps. I recently got a new computer so now I'm able to play with all the graphics settings set to "high".

    I'm hoping that this thing with Thomas is just a phase and he'll get over it and stay together with Nyah. People do crazy things in college, right?!

  4. People *do* do crazy things in college and hopefully that's all it is for Thomas!

    Are you using the new ACR? I think it's still beta but it has a really handy feature that might come in handy for Thomas. Click Teri's casual menu and there'll be an option to Add to Friend Zone. It just occurred to me that it would also be handy to prevent creepy situations like I had with Galen and Cordy in my game last night!

    I love Brooke's pose in the intro pic!

  5. I *am* using the new ACR, I just haven't really gotten used to all the new features (which are great btw). I'm definitely gonna add Teri to Thomas's Friend Zone. He's had his fun and now it's time to grow up!

  6. Where is this new ACR everyone keeps talking about?

  7. A new acr? I need to get my head out from under the rock, I had no clue. The entire option for having friends is such a great idea! Totally necessary.

    Poor college kids, lots of studying to do, relationship drama, and they have to weed the campus. You'd think with all that tuition money the college could afford a gardener.

  8. retromaisie, you're absolutely right! I think I'll hire them a gardener and just add to familyfunds whatever she/he charges so it's not our of the students' pockets.

    My uni is constantly in Fall so there are a *lot* of leaves to be raked.