Monday, 24 August 2009

Rock and roll is dead

Round 9: Spring 2011
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Kurt Robinson and Olivia are 55, Jack is 28, Paige is 27 and Frieda is 3.

Narrated by Kurt Robinson

I had one foolish moment with another woman some time ago but luckily Olivia didn't hear about it. I don't know what went into me and I'm definitely not going to do it again! I feel guilty though so I'm trying to be as attentive to Olivia's needs as I can.

I don't think Jack could've found a better wife than Paige. She's such a nice girl and helps so much around the house even though she has her own career. She likes to babysit Frieda and she also helps with the greenhouse.

Olivia and I have been talking about parenting a lot lately. I could swear it was a lot easier when Jack and Grace were little. Or maybe it's because we're so much older now. There's a huge age difference between the twins and Frieda. We're old enough to be her grandparents!

Frieda can be a bit cranky when she's tired but most of the time she's a sweet girl. We were starting to worry because she wasn't talking much but now her vocabulary is starting to build up. She can even say "daddy".

Paige bought her a nice toy and she spends hours playing with it.

Olivia has been able to concentrate more on the farm now that Frieda is bigger. We're going through a quieter season now. It was getting quite hectic so Olivia and Jack decided to plant only a few vegetables in the greenhouse and concentrate on the orchard trees instead.

We've all a bit worried about Paige because she seems so tired all the time. Her work in the military is quite hard but she's never been this exhausted before.

One night I heard her rushing to the bathroom right next to our bedroom and throwing up. The next morning she and Jack headed off to the town to see a doctor to find out what was wrong with her. They came back with good news: Paige is pregnant with their first child! Just a few days ago we found out that Grace and Sam are having a baby in the autumn and now this. Olivia is over the moon!

Olivia says that we'll have to do something about the Farmer's Market. The market gets so many customers nowadays that it's always too crowded. We can't really expand because the lot is so small so we'll probably have to get a whole new place. We'll have to come up with some kind of solution soon.

  • Title from "Rock and roll is dead" by Lenny Kravitz
  • I couldn't stay away any longer, I was too anxious to play! I'll try to keep up a good rhythm but I probably won't be able to update daily.
  • Paige and Jack both had the want to have a child and they tried autonomously. The baby will be born in winter 2012.
  • The Farmer's Market is built on a 1x1 lot and I can't think of a way to make it work. I'll probably build a new one unless I can modify the current one to be more functional.


  1. More babies. YAY It seems we are all having small baby booms. LOL

    Have you thought about building up? Maybe making a second level.

  2. So far there are 3 babies to be born this round so I'm happy :)

    I think I'll try changing the floorplan or building a second floor because I don't want them to start over with the business ranks.

  3. Yay! Love babies, can't wait to see them! I'm really happy for Paige and Jack!

  4. Yay, a baby! Can't wait till all these babies are born.

    Those 1x1 lots are super-tiny, aren't they? Elias's pottery store is on a 1x1 and it gets really crowded in there! On the plus side, it's really easy for him to keep it stocked. LOL.

  5. I kinda like the small shops but the customers don't always seem so happy when they start stomping their feet!

  6. I wish I had your email addy to email you pics of a farmer's market on a 1x1 lot that I made with you in mind. I guess I could try and find a photo hosting site.

  7. My email is (remove the #)

    Please send me the pics, I'd love to get some ideas :)