Monday, 12 October 2009

Round 10 ROS

Here are my Random Occurence Scenarios for round 10 (2013-2014). I'll share them from now on. Some of them are easier and some of them drive me crazy. But I'll do them anyway.

Charity strikes! Deduct §310 from family funds and donate to Police Fund. No problems here.

Errands: Visit 5 community lots before the end of the day. Not completed! This was for Olivia Robinson but she died before doing this.

Mid-life crisis: change your aspiration and LTW. This should be interesting especially if the sim hasn't achieved a LTW yet.

Dumped! This is going to break my heart :(


  1. I just hate drawing that "Dumped" ROS! I fudged my way out of it last time. ;)

  2. Ugh that dumped one sure can suck. Not a good sign if it breaks your heart. :(

  3. My initial thought was to pretend that it didn't happen LOL "Lalalaa I never rolled the dice for that one" but then I thought I'll just grind my teeth and do it.