Sunday, 25 October 2009

So sick

Janie visits the pub the same night she arrives at Brixton. She wants to meet interesting people and she's sure that the Old Tyme Pub is a perfect place for that.

She is invited to join a game of poker. Unfortunately it seems that everyone can read her poker face so she ends up losing some money.

Janie decides to concentrate on her studies. Her parents gave an ultimatum. If she and her brother and sister don't get good grades they can just come back home and get a job. Alex and Bobbie aren't willing to pay college tuitions if the triplets aren't ready to do their part of the deal.

Alexa has taken an interest in astronomy during her senior year. She's working hard to get good grades even though she doesn't have any career plans after graduation.

Brooke on the other hand is focusing all her attention to Charlie. This is the first time that they can be together without their parents' supervision so they're taking full advantage of their new freedom. Brooke should concentrate more on her studies though as her professor has warned her that she might not pass her exams if she goes on like this.

Janie and Dixie lived under the same roof for 19 years so it's a bit strange for them to live apart. Dixie comes over quite often but it's still not the same.

Dixie would never admit it but she has missed her sister's pranks. She and Tom are more serious so it would never occur to them to start a water balloon fight, at least not inside the house.

Greg and Janie have been friends for years and now they're becoming something more. Greg still hasn't really come to terms with fatherhood and he feels like he's not ready to settle down with Erin.

Alexa is friends with Erin and it sickens her to see Greg acting like this. She calls her boyfriend Will and asks him what she should do. Should she tell Erin or should she just look the other way? Will doesn't think it's a good idea to tell Erin since they don't know if anything is really going on between Greg and Janie. All they really can do is wait and see what happens.

Alexa decides she won't tell Erin - at least not yet. She tries to prepare for a seminar where she has to give a presentation. It's hard to think about something else though when your friend's heart might be breaking.

Greg has no intentions to take things slow. He drags Janie into his room and they start kissing. Janie knows she shouldn't do this but she can't resist him. It's not like she and Danny have made any promises - he's probably making out with Liv Harris all the time. But Greg does have a child with Erin so there's definitely a link between them.

Janie's brain says no but she'd rather listen to her heart.

Dixie is surprised at how much she enjoys living with Tom. She's not much of a cook - neither is he - but they manage to stay alive on lunch meat sandwiches and mac & cheese.

It's so much better living in their own little house than trying to find some privacy in the dorms. They can do basically whatever they want. No wild parties for Dixie and Tom though, they both take their studies very seriously.

Grades this semester: Alexa got a C+ and is well on the way to graduation. Brooke however got a D and was put on academic probation. Unfortunately this hasn't really affected her in any way, she still doesn't have any motivation to study. Greg is doing pretty well and got a B this spring. Charlie, Janie, Dixie and Tom all got A+.

  • Title from "So sick" by Ne-Yo
  • ACR kicked in again. Janie and Greg woohooed pretty much right away after I moved them in the same dorm. The flirting and the kissing came after they had done "it" but I prefered to write it the other way around.
  • Brooke really has no motivation. She needs at least 3 skill points in order to graduate but she rarely gets wants to study new skills. It'll be interesting to see whether she shapes up or if she keeps slacking off.


  1. Oh no, Greg! Why do you do such things! My heart breaks for Erin as well.

    I love Janie and Dixie outfits btw, beautiful.

    Dixie and Tom's apartment seems so cute-not stylish, but you know that typical first apartment that you absolutely love.

  2. I was so mad at Greg that I started yelling at my computer! I have a feeling that this is not going to end well.

    Janie's outfit is a conversion of a teen outfit from the store. You can find it at MTS.

    Dixie's outfit is actually a separate top and jeans. The jeans are from the H&M sp, the top can be found here

  3. Argh, poor Erin! Greg is proving himself a bit of an ass, isn't he?

    Brooke may pull herself together but so few of my Sims who've got on academic probation ever have! LOL. I hope Brooke is different.

  4. Oh man, poor Erin and Iona. What a bummer Greg seems to be, eh?

    I'm interested to see if Brooke gets her act together or flunks out.