Monday, 12 October 2009

Winter 2013 birthdays

We have many birthdays at the beginning of Round 10 so let's get started!

Aaron Hayes turns 5. He can't wait to start school!

Naturally Aaron's twin brother Ethan also has a birthday. The twins are both the spitting image of their late father Carlo.

Joining Aaron and Ethan on the first grade is little Emily Midlock.

Emily is anxiously waiting for the arrival of a baby brother or sister in the spring.

Denise and Ben Cooper's younger son Liam has his first birthday.

Liam joins his big brother Riley on the activity table. It's easy to see he's very artistic by the way he's chewing his crayon.

In Allerdale little Todd Robinson is also celebrating his first birthday.

The Robinson genes are very powerful since Todd looks exactly like his father as a toddler.

Todd's aunt Frieda is only a few years older than him. She turns 5 and will also start school this spring.

Brixton Academy gets three new students - the Greene triplets - this year.

Charlie Greene doesn't have any big career plans so he hasn't declared a major yet. He's just happy to be living in the same dorm with his girlfriend Brooke.

His sister Janie is much more ambitious. She wants to pursue a career in the business world so she will major in Economics. Janie also lives in the Greenleaves Hall.

Dixie will major in Biology which should help her on the way to the top of the Oceanography career. Instead of living in the dorm Dixie and her boyfriend Tom rent a house together.

Last year's college graduates have moved back to Wellington and are starting to find their own place in the world.

22-year-old Camryn Mitchell was able to get a job as a Rat Keeper right after graduation.

Patsy Greene, also 22, is working in the Education career. She's currently just a Playgound Monitor but she'll probably get a position at Allerdale Elementary School, especially now that Rianna Midlock is on maternity leave. Patsy and Camryn have moved in with Patsy's parents.

Thomas Marlowe was the oldest of the graduates. He's now 26. He lives in a small house in Allerdale with his fiancée Nyah and their daughter Skye.

  • I will add the graduates on the winter birthday post from now on so you'll know where they live and what their jobs are.
  • Todd's blonde hair comes from his paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother. His parents have black and red hair. I love how the genetics work in this game!
  • Liam looks a lot like Riley but this time it's not the "1st born clone" syndrome since I use the "rerandomize sim generator" feature in the batbox pretty frequently nowadays.
  • I work the late shift (3 pm to 11 pm) this week but I'll try to get some updates done anyway. I'm not making any promises though. I have a couple of days off work next week which should give me some extra time to play.


  1. Todd is so adorable. He looks so serious in the high chair - I love it! The Hayes twins are real little cuties too!

    And duh, I am such an idiot. It makes so much more sense to do the graduates in the winter birthday post! Cordy and Luc should graduate when I play them next and I was going to put them in the Summer 2015 birthday post which is a bit silly, seeing Cordy at least will appear in Eliot's update before then. I'm going to do my graduates in winter too.

  2. Aaron and Ethan do look like their late father!

    Lots of pretty simmies! I like seeing how the genes play out in the generations too!

  3. It made most sense to me to do the graduates in the winter birthday post since they graduate in the fall.

    Todd is such a cutie. All the Robinson kids have Olivia's nose and now one of the grandkids has it too.

    I think it's hilarious that Thomas is wearing that white suit (he grew up wearing it) because it makes him look like a member of the mafia and he *does* work in the criminal career.