Monday, 6 September 2010


Round 13: Spring 2019
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Janie Greene is 25, Danny Cooper is 23 and Bridget Greene-Cooper is 1.

Narrated by Danny Cooper

I've been slaving off at the faculty building this spring, taking extra courses in drawing and painting. My GPA dropped to 2.9 thanks to my slacking off and I really want to raise it before graduating.

The drafting tables are usually free so I often sit down and draw some designs for my portfolio. I know my portfolio has to be impeccable because my grades are not that good.

Janie seems to enjoy spending time at home with Bridget. She's been feeling really good during this pregnancy but she still gets tired quite quickly so she doesn't like leaving the house very often.

I usually take care of Bridget in the evenings after classes so that Janie can rest. We didn't exactly plan to get pregnant again so soon but I'm actually very happy about it. It always bothered me that there's such a big age difference between me and my brothers so it's nice that our kids will be much closer that way.

We've been looking for a place to live after I graduate. We heard that there might be a vacant rental house in the Venice Court in Allerdale and decided to see what it was like. We got a sneak peak by visiting Erin Fielding and her daughter Iona. All the houses are identical and Erin gave us a tour in their house.

A couple of days later we got a tour in our possible future home. It's quite small but otherwise it would be perfect for us. We left an application for the landlady and we hope we get to move there.

Can you believe it: I finally graduated! I managed to get my GPA up to 3.1 so all that hard work really paid off.

We invited my parents and also my brothers and their wives. I wish we could have had more guests but there's simply no room for a big party in our house.

It was nice to catch up with what's going on in everyone's life. I hope that I get to meet my brothers more when we move back to Wellington.

Dad played with Bridget through the whole party. He was pretty terrified when Janie got pregnant but it's obvious that he loves Bridget very much. I guess he thought that I would flunk out and end up in a crappy job. He sounded so proud when I called to invite him and mom to my graduation party.

We got the house! The landlady called us on the morning of the party with the good news. I changed some of the wallpapers with Ben's help to make it look more like our apartment. We also brought all of our furniture from Brixton so it was pretty easy to settle down in our new home.

The taxi company was looking for more drivers so I got a job there. It's not my dream job but it has steady hours and a decent salary so it'll do until I find a job in graphic design. The uniform has to be the ugliest in the world but it doesn't bother me that much. I've sent applications to all graphic design companies within a 5o mile radius but I haven't heard back from anywhere yet.

Janie is so happy about the house. The playground is just a few steps from our front door and she goes there every day with Bridget.

It's too bad we can't stay here forever. There are only two bedrooms upstairs so we'll have to find a bigger place by the time Bridget starts school. We still have time to enjoy our new home for a few years before that happens.

Extras. Here are posed pics from the graduation party.

Danny and his proud parents Cal and Elissa.

Janie and Danny. She got the bigger belly when I had her visit Erin and Iona so it took some arranging to get photos of her after that. Her belly went back to the "normal" size when I moved them to their new home.

Danny with his family. One of my all-time favorite pictures ever taken in Wellington.

  • Title reference: Precious by Depeche Mode.
  • Danny got A+ on his last semester and graduated with 3.1 GPA. I decided to include the graduation party and moving into their new home in this post because it fit in nicely. And this is the "slot" in my rotation that I had planned for them anyway.


  1. I thought it was nice you worked Danny graduation and their move into this update. This way you could tell both stories, from him at uni and from them in their new house!
    I'm glad Danny was able to work up his grades.
    Their new house looks nice (I've put them in my game as wel :))
    I like your collegehousing too, did you build it yourself?

  2. I never realized that Janie and Danny were a picture perfect couple until the second to last picture. Bridget is so cute I'm guessing her little sibling will be adorable and I hope they get red-head. Also Sari all of your sims are perfect there isn't any ugly face combinations where did you get your face shapes for you townies and playables? Also where did you find the mod/hack that makes all of your townies have custom content hair/clothes?

  3. Sari in design templater for Wellington which template did you use?

  4. This little family is so precious! I'm rooten for them. I hope they have a long happy life.

  5. Oh, I love that picture of just Janie and Danny, though the one of the whole family is sweet as well!

    It's so good to see this little family doing so well. :) I bet it won't be long before Danny finds something he likes better than taxi driving and in the mean time, he's making decent money to support his family.

    You have the best wallpapers, I swear!

  6. Thanks everyone for reading and commenting :)

    Tanja, I was going to do just the uni update and then a mini-update on them later but I think it worked out better this way.

    I built the college housing. The only thing I really don't like about it is that the stairs to the second floor are outside.

    K, I actually hope that the baby won't be a red-head because I have so many red-haired sims. I went a bit overboard with them when I created my sims.

    I use terrakosmos' face replacements (from MTS) but I've made most of my townies in Bodyshop. All my original playables were made in Bodyshop so they don't use the default faces. I don't have a hack that enables custom hair and clothes for townies. I give them a makeover and a new name from time to time. You can use christianlov's clothing rack (also from MTS) to change townies' clothing.

    I don't remember what template I used as a base. I modified the colors and some other stuff too.

    gallowaytownship, thanks :) They're much fun to play.

    Carla, I looked at the picture of Danny and Janie again and I really like it too!

    I'm hoping that Danny can get into graphic design soon! I don't really see him as a taxi driver but it pays the bills.

    I'm seriously obsessed with wallpapers. I have way too many of them!

  7. I absolutely adore Bridget! She is way too stinking cute. I hope Danny gets a better paying job in his career field soon. And I'm glad they can stay in this house for a bit of time, cause it's really cute. The playground is nice, and I like that it's by Erin and Iona.

  8. Maisie, thanks for reading. Bridget is really adorable, I can't wait to see her grow up. Danny will keep looking for a job in the graphic design career but in the meantime he's just happy to have any job he can.

    I can't take credit for their house or the playground, that's all stoffelsim's work. I only modified the street a bit.