Sunday, 14 November 2010

Somebody to love

Round 13: Spring 2020
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Kurt Robinson is 64, Jack is 37, Paige is 36, Frieda is 12 and Todd is 8.
(Grace is 37 and Tina is 32.)

Narrated by Kurt Robinson.

I've been secretly dating this wonderful young woman called Tina for about a year now. We first met years ago when she was a bartender in the restaurant where I work but we then lost touch for years. I met her again last year and we hit it off immediately.

She invited me over to her house for a romantic dinner. It's not very often that people volunteerily cook for me so it meant a lot. We ate at candlelight and had some nice wine.

She's the first woman I've been interested in after Olivia's death. I feel like I was half-dead for years after she passed away but now I feel like I've come alive again.

I always used to think that you can really truly love only one person in your lifebut now I've come to realize that I was wrong. I love Tina but that doesn't mean that I didn't love Olivia. She'll always have a place in my heart but I have to move on.

So I finally told Jack that I've met someone and that we've been dating for some time. I was kind of worried that he would disapprove but instead he surprised me by saying that he and Grace have been hoping that I'd meet someone.

"We know you loved mom but she's been gone for six years now and we just want to see you happy."

We agreed that it's about time that Tina and my children meet each other.

She looked so nervous when she came to our house a few days later.

"What if they don't like me" she said. I assured her that they're going to adore her.

Paige was the first one to meet Tina since Jack was still in the greenhouse and Grace hadn't arrived yet. Frieda was doing her homework upstairs.

We really didn't need to worry. Grace and Tina realized that they've already met each other since they both work in the hospital. Tina's the new counceling psychologist there so they've only met briefly but they seemed to get along.

Jack was a bit shocked at first when he realized that Tina is younger than him but he got over it pretty quickly.

It all went pretty smoothly. I was most worried how Frieda would react but she said that Tina seemed nice.

Life on the farm has been going on as usual. Jack spends so much time in the greenhouse that Paige has started helping him in order to spend some time with him. It's become a routine for them to work together for a couple of hours after she comes home from work.

Todd is such a great little guy. I think Paige and Jack might be trying for a baby because I overheard her ask Todd what he would think of a little sister or brother. I'd love to get another grandchild but I try to stay away from their personal lives so I haven't asked anything.

Frieda started high school this year and she's making a lot of new friends. I was a bit worried if she would get along with other girls because she can be a bit of a tomboy but she seems to have a few close girl friends.

Tina came over the other day and told me something that shocked me quite a bit. She said she's pregnant! I never imagined becoming a father at this age. It's still very early but we decided to tell my children right away.

They all seemed to take it really well.

Grace got up immediately and gave me a hug.

Frieda also congratulated us and said "it's cool". She's become friends with Tina and I think she's happy to get a little sister or brother.

Jack seemed the most shocked one but even he got up and hugged us both. I think this situation will take some getting used to from all of us.

We just remodeled the upstairs so that Frieda and Todd got their own rooms. It's quite obvious we can't fit a baby in there but we have 8 months to decide where we're gonna live.

  • Title reference: Somebody to love by Queen
  • Tina is one of the "mysterious" playable NPCs that I mentioned either here or at N99 some time ago. She'll obviously become a real playable if she and Kurt end up getting married and maybe even if they don't. I'll update the playable NPCs page with her picture and information asap.
  • I was pretty shocked too when Tina got pregnant but then I thought what the heck. If they want a baby then a baby is what they'll get. And the baby is due in Winter 2021.


  1. I was so shocked whne i found out she was pregnant but despite the age difference i think they look really cute together. I'm looking forward to seeing the new baby and maybe even a new baby from Jack and Paige!

  2. mail, thank you for reading and welcome to Wellington :)

    Yes, I think that Kurt and Tina will do just fine despite the age difference.

  3. At first I nearly lost my drink since Tina looked like Tessa (Sullivan) from the back and I knew that she was dead.

    A baby, now that's an interesting development. I'm assuming that Tina had to be a semi-playable NPC beforehand since my true NPCs/townies without actual homes can't get pregnant.

    I love Frieda's hair, Nouk's creation really fits her style as a tomboy.

  4. I'm happy the kids took it so well. I was really expecting at least one person to turn their nose up at the idea but yay for maturity.

    Here's hoping that everything continues to go well.

  5. Well Kurt definatly had a surprise! I'm happy his family took it so well, it can't be easy for them, especially not for Jack, since his dad's new girlfriend is yougner than he is.
    In profile Eve reminds me a little bit of Carla's Tessa, but that might just be the hair though.

    I would love to see Paige and Jack go for a second child, the first one already turned out so great!

  6. I'm glad Frieda and Jack (and Grace!) took the news of Tina and the pregnancy so well. I thought they might object because of her age. But she seems to make Kurt happy and that's all that should matter. I can't wait to see the baby!

    I thought of Tessa as soon as I saw Tina as well, although obviously I knew that it wasn't really Tessa. ;)

  7. Oh wow!! They have quite an age difference there, I'm surprised all the kids are taking it so well. A possible *step-mom* that is younger than himself (Jack), and now a little sibling, when he's likely trying to add to his own family.

    This family just got all crazy in their family lineage. ;)

    I'm excited to see where this goes, and the living space too. I'm glad that Kurt found someone and isn't looking at being alone, crazy to think of having a baby in your 60's though!

  8. This is sweet, and I'm glad that it went well between Tina and the family, even with the surprise of her pregnancy. I've got an elder sim soon marrying a younger woman in my hood, but I haven't decided whether or not they'll have a baby yet. I'll see what happens with their wants and take it from there.

  9. I would have died if my father said he got a girl younger than me pregnant. Here's to Jack and the rest of the family looking at the bigger picture. LOL

  10. Thanks for reading everyone, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner :)

    Apple Valley, I knew Tina looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it until you said she looks like Tessa!

    Tina was already a playable NPC but I was kind of keeping her a secret until this update. It got a bit crazier than I thought since she got pregnant!

    Choco, I think not everyone took the news so well but they were able to keep up appearances...

    Tanja, when I say surprise, I really mean a surprise, right?! It was a surprise for me too so I'm just as shocked as everyone else, lol.

    I'd love to see Paige and Jack have another child too, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

    Carla, as I told to Choco, there might be some drama in the future about this whole thing. Kurt definitely deserves some happiness though.

    Maisie, yup, that's a real age difference but I don't want to stand in the way of true love. Kurt and Tina fell in love on their own and I thought "so be it". The family tree will look very interesting.

    The house is definitely not big enough for all of them so either they have to expand or some of them have to move out.

    Blackcat, I hope that all continues to go well between Tina and the family. I didn't plan Kurt and Tina's relationship at all, they've done it all by themselves.

    heredoncove, I think many people would find it hard to accept a step-parent that's younger than them! I know I would.