Saturday, 13 November 2010

Wake up exhausted

Round 13: Spring 2020
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Stephen Marlowe is 19.
(Zach is 16.)

Narrated by Stephen Marlowe.

There's this new girl Eve who moved in to the dorm this year. She's a Sophomore like me and she may seem like a tough chick with her all piercings but it turned out she's really nice. We play chess quite often together.

She's paying her tuitions herself so she works in the dorm cafeteria whenever she has time. She also cleans the dorm and tends the garden so she got a discount on her tuitions.

It makes me feel very priviledged to be able to just concentrate on my studies. I'm doing very well and I think it's mainly because I'm so interested in what I study. I think some people were surprised that I chose Psychology as my major but I'm focusing on Forensic Psychology and that should help me get a job in the SCIA after I graduate.

Zach only has two years of high school left so he came to check out the campus the other day.

We played pool for a while but then I happened to ask about Dawn.

"Dude, you'd better sit down for this" he said.

I was pretty shocked when he told me that Dawn is pregnant! I mean, she's only 16. She's been dating Finn Harris for some time now but obviously the baby wasn't planned.

I was kind of glad to hear she was dating Finn because I wasn't very proud of the way I treated her when I was in high school. I wasn't expecting something like this to happen to her though.

"Would it make you feel better if we beat the crap out of Finn?" I joked to Zach.

"Yeah, it would probably make me feel a lot better. But I guess it would just upset Dawn. She's pretty stressed right now. Man, I just want my sister back the way she was before all of this happened" he said.

I can't even imagine what Dawn and Finn are going through. Zach said that they haven't decided what they're gonna do with the baby yet but at least she's going to give birth to it.

Things with Kaitlyn are going really well. We're both studying hard so we don't get to spend time together every day but we see each other whenever we can.

Mom invited us over for the weekend. It's the first time Kaitlyn meets my whole family. She met my parents last year but I haven't taken her home with me before this. We've been dating for about a year now so I guess it's time she meets everyone.

We were invited in for dinner almost immediately after we arrived. Mom still cooks almost every meal. Kaitlyn and I both enjoyed her cooking very much after we've been eating at the dorm cafeterias for months.

Mom and dad still act like they got married yesterday. I used to get embarrassed by them when I was younger but now I just think it's kind of sweet. I just hope Kaitlyn doesn't get any crazy ideas, I mean I like her a lot but I'm too young to settle down.

We asked if we could use the hot tub. Mom looked at us both, raised her eyebrows and said it's fine as long as we behave. It's not like I'm going to have sex with my girlfriend in the hot tub when one of my family members could walk in on us any minute!

Everyone seems to like Kaitlyn a lot. She got along very well with Alexandra.

And mom absolutely adores her.

"That girl's a keeper, Stephen" she said. I tried telling her that we're both still very young but you know how my mom is. She's always hoping for weddings and babies.

I was pretty relieved that she didn't say anything to Kaitlyn though. They just talked about Kaitlyn's studies

I got more pressure from Alexandra when we were playing chess.

"I really like that girl of yours. You'd better tie her down before she runs away" she said and winked.

All in all, it was really nice seeing my family. I just wish they'd let me make my own decisions. Dad is the only one who hasn't even hinted toward me marrying Kaitlyn.

Mom gave me a big hug as we were leaving and made me promise to visit home soon again.

She also hugged Kaitlyn and said that she can't wait to see her again.

I was getting kind of anxious to get back to campus so I was glad to be able to say that we had to hurry to catch the bus. I love my family but they can be pretty exhausting.

  • Title reference: Wake up exhausted by Tegan and Sara
  • Stephen got A+ from both his final exams and continues with a 4.0 GPA. He's so skilled that he probably doesn't need any additional skills during his time in college and he always gets the occasional want to go to class or write a term paper so he gets good grades quite easily.


  1. That's a lot of pressure from the family about his girlfriend, I couldn't help but laugh. Thankfully I don't see him as the type to let family pressure get to him, especially after how he did Dawn in high school. It was surprising that he felt remorse about it.

  2. Yah, he's only 19, plenty of time to settle down in the future. Poor Dawn, everyone knows and is talking.

    I liked the new girl Eve, and I'm glad that the visit home went well. It's always better to have parent approval than disapproval, that can be much more difficult to handle.

    Crazy he has so many skills! College will be a breeze for him at this point.

  3. Thank you for reading and commenting :)

    Apple Valley, yeah, I thought it was funny how his mom and sister kept teasing him. He's way too young to settle down and Kaitlyn is his first real girlfriend so he's not going to rush into anything.

    I guess he just feels bad for Dawn in general and thinking about how he treated her back in high school makes him feel even worse.

    Maisie, I don't see Stephen as someone who settles down at a young age so it's not gonna happen. Poor Dawn indeed. She's really the talk of the town at the moment. The senator's daughter pregnant at 16! That's a real scandal.

    I like Eve too. You'll see more of her in the upcoming updates but I'm not giving up any details.

    Both Stephen and his brother Thomas had crazy skills when they went to college. They both were very skill-oriented when they were kids and I also played a bit differently back then.

  4. I was going to say I liked Eve too, so I'm glad we'll be seeing more of her in future updates!

    Stephen seems to have matured, now that he can see he didn't treat Dawn so well. That's good to see and it bodes well for Kaitlyn too!

    Heh, Stephen's family are very sweet but I can see why he was glad to get out of there too. They sure know how to put the pressure on!

  5. Carla, Eve will make another appearance soon :)

    Stephen has matured. Maybe now that he has a real girlfriend he understands that what he did to Dawn and Cassie wasn't right. Kaitlyn is currently just a random townie but I think I'll promote her to playable NPC since she's been dating Stephen for a year now.

    Vicki is so family-oriented that her life pretty much revolves around weddings and engagements and babies. Seriously, she had the wants for a relative to get engaged and married and to have another grandchild!

  6. Ha, that sounds like Tate! I forgot to mention it in the wedding update but before Josie got married, he had the want to see a relative get married. That was fulfilled, only for it to roll back up again. He's also now got the want for a grandchild and he's had a Relative Gets Engaged want since I aged him up to elder!

  7. I like the new girl, Eve, I can't wait to see more of her in the next updates.

    I'm happy the meeting with the family went well, it's always a plus when the family approves of your girlfriend.

  8. Carla, Vicki rolls up these wants over and over again. She really doesn't have any relatives who would be getting engaged or married at the moment though.

    Tanja, I'm glad everyone likes Eve :)

    Kaitlyn is a really sweet girl so I'm not surprised Stephen's family likes her.