Monday, 7 March 2011

Diving for hearts

Round 14: Spring 2021
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Stephen Marlowe, Eve Midlock and Kaitlyn Brennan are 20.

Narrated by Eve Midlock.

Last year was a real rollercoaster for me. My mom revealed information about my father just before she died so I came to Wellington looking for him. I was surprised and relieved how well Anthony took the news of a 19-year-old daughter. I've been seeing him and his family quite a lot lately.

I've been slowly bonding with my younger siblings. Emily was a hard cookie at first but I think we're all still getting used to each other and I'm sure she'll come around. She's been much nicer to me for the last few times I've been at their house. Jesse's so young that he doesn't seem to think there's anything weird about getting a big sister out of the blue.

I get along well with Sara which I think is mainly because we're both into dancing. She dreams of becoming a classical ballet dancer and she keeps asking me about studying dance at Brixton.

Surprisingly I've become closest with Rianna. She calls me every week and listens to me whine about my sore feet and my dance instructor being the devil and how I'll never graduate. She's always so supportive.

I had a huge crush on Stephen last year and I still think he's really cute but I'm not going to act on it. We were moved into a new dorm this year and I now share a room with his girlfriend Kaitlyn. I would never try to break them apart and I don't think I could even if I tried. They seem to have grown even closer after Stephen's mom died last year and Kaitlyn stood by him through that tough time.

It still kind of sucks to see them making out wherever I turn my head.

But I have someone - sort of - too. I hooked up with Nicholas last year and now that he moved into the same dorm we've been hanging out more. We're not officially dating but he's kind of sweet.

I really don't have time for dating anyway. I'm working in the dorm cafeteria almost every day to make some extra money. I guess I could take a loan to pay my tuitions but I'd rather not if I can manage to pay them otherwise.

I also have to find time for studying. It'll get easier next year when we don't have so much theory lessons but for now I need to keep my grades up so I can keep on dancing.

I'm happiest when I'm at the dance studio in our faculty building. I love everything from the warm-ups to the grueling rehearsals. It's my biggest dream to open my own dance studio some day.

I got a small part in one production this spring so I've been practising even more than usual. Our dance studio is really tiny so I have to go there either early in the morning or late at night to get some room to practice.

I really hate it that anyone can just walk in and pretend to practice, especially guys who come there just to stare at girls in tights.

Nicholas isn't so bad though. He sometimes plays the piano while I'm learning new choreographies but the other guys creep me out.

I just usually ignore everyone until they go away and I have the studio for myself. I guess it's a good way to learn to deal with stressful situations.

Grades, spring 2021:
- Stephen, forensic psychology (psychology): B+, GPA 3.8
- Eve, modern dance (drama): A+, GPA 3.6
- Kaitlyn, general microbiology (biology): C, GPA 2.8

  • Title reference: Diving for hearts by Corinne Bailey Rae
  • I decided to get back to playing my university students twice a year so this update only has the spring semester and the next update will be in the autumn.
  • I made Eve a real playable because I really like her and wanted to include in more updates. I also thought it was about time to make Kaitlyn a playable NPC because she and Stephen have been dating for two years already. The playable NPC page has been updated.
  • Eve had the want to fall in love with Stephen at the start of the semester. However she started rolling wants for Nicholas after a while which I took as a sign that she's trying to get over her crush on Stephen.
  • This is my first session in a base hood uni. My students won't go to class autonomously but otherwise everything seems to be working really well. I transfered some buildings from the old uni to this one so that my sims have somewhere to go. The dorm is new however, I modified it from an apartment building that I got from owls_are_not.


  1. The dance studio looks great and the dance poses are amazing. I am in awe that Rianna accepted Eve so quickly, but it does make things easier.

  2. I have the same problem; my students won't go to class autonomously, but not in every dorm apparently, except from that my base hood uni is going fine as well :) Oh and time olny counts for one of the students on the lot, but I can work around that :)

    Anyway back to our update! :D
    I like Eve, and I'm glad she's a real playable right now! I love the dance moves! Are they from a pose box or is it something in game?
    I don't know why but I always think Stephen and Eve would be a great match :)

  3. Apple Valley, thank you. I like the dance studio too, I just want to make it bigger. The faculty building needs a makeover anyway.

    I just couldn't see Rianna being all judgemental and not accepting Eve. She's the kind of person who tries not to judge anyone, mostly because she's had her wild days as well.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Tanja, I'm glad to hear your base hood uni is doing well too. I have spawned the Semester Tester for each student now but I think if I have more students I'll only have one ST and then work around it. I followed Laura's tutorial to get my students to this new hood and it worked really well.

    The first dance move (on the barre) is from the game but the other two are from a pose box. It's a rhythm gymnastics box by Abby, I can dig up the link later if you want to. Who knows what happens in the future for Stephen and Eve. He's happy with Kaitlyn right now but they're all still so young that anything could happen.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  4. I love that Eve is getting so close with Rianna, especially seeing she's lost her mother. It will be nice to have another older female to go to.

    I'm anxious to see if things progress with Nicholas or not, so I'm glad you made Eve a real playable.

    I like the look of your faculty building. I giggled at the boys coming into to check out Eve in her tights though!

    RE: your students not going to class autonomously. Which set of hacks are you using? There are two - one is by Squinge and the other is by Lion (or somebody - it's at MATY). I use both and my Sims go to class on their own.

  5. Carla, I'm glad Eve has someone to turn to. Her relationship with Anthony is still a bit awkward so it's nice she has Rianna supporting her.

    At least during this session Eve mostly rolled wants for Nicholas but that might be because it was spring. We'll know more in the fall.

    I like the overall look of the faculty building but I want to change the interiors.

    I'm using the set from MATY. I never thought of using both sets but I'll try that. It's a small annoyance because everything else is working fine but with a bigger bunch of students it might get more annoying to have to direct them all to go to class. Thanks for the tip.

    Thank you for reading. :)

  6. Good for Eve for connecting with her Dad and his family. She seems like she has a good head so I'm sure she'll be integrated into the family in no time.

  7. heredoncove, it's nice that Eve isn't completely alone now. I'm sure she'll get closer to Anthony and his family as time goes by and they all get used to each other.

    Thanks for reading. :)