Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Fielding-Parker wedding

Toby Parker is 30 and Erin Fielding is 27.

We had our wedding in the new Victoria Park. I was reluctant to let Erin's parents to pay for the venue but they insisted. Erin really wanted to get married there and we couldn't have afforded to pay for it ourselves so I gave in. We invited Erin's family and all our closest friends to share our special day with us.

I was really nervous before the ceremony but it all went really smoothly and soon we were pronounced husband and wife. The guests started moving to the eating area right away.

We didn't have a formal seating order so we didn't get to sit together but it was nice to catch up with everyone so I didn't really mind. Erin and I have the rest of our lives to spend together anyway.

The food was delicious but honestly I could've eaten a cardboard box and wouldn't have noticed anything. All my attention was focused on Erin and how beautiful she looked.

I couldn't keep my eyes - or hands - off of her the whole time. Everyone kept ooh'ing and aww'ing at us but for once I didn't mind being the center of attention.

Erin's mom made her way over to us and hugged us both. She was pretty cautious about me at first because she didn't want Erin to end up with another douchebag but I guess she saw that I genuinely cared about Erin from the beginning. And the fact that we've taken our time with our relationship probably has helped too.

I wasn't very much involved in the wedding plans so everything was mostly Erin's ideas that she finalized with her bridesmaids. The details weren't that important to me because I just wanted to get married. Everything was really beautiful though.

I heard Lilly teasing Liv that her wedding would be next. I don't think Liv and Niall are quite there yet, in fact I saw a completely horrified look on Liv's face.

"Yeah, we're a few moon gravity steps away from that happening" I could hear her say.

Lilly's boyfriend Josh had promised to dj the party so we headed off to the dance floor after finishing the cake.

I only had eyes for Erin. I've always thought she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen but today she looked even more radiant than usual.

I did notice that everyone joined us on the dance floor. Lilly and Iona were goofing off with each other while Lilly waited for Josh to finish the dj gig and dance with her.

Erin's been worried about her parents because they had some problems in their marriage some time ago but everything seems to be fine now judging by the way they danced together.

I have to say that Erin's bridesmaids and my groomsmen did a really good job in making sure that everything ran smoothly. Lilly kept an eye on the kids all the time, especially on Iona. We didn't want her to feel left out but we also knew we couldn't spend much time with her during the party.

Iona really likes Lilly and I think she sees Lilly as a sort of an idol. She couldn't have found a better role model if you ask me. From what Erin's told me and from what I've gathered by talking to Lilly she seems to have a really great attitude towards school and boys and life in general.

Nyah and Thomas's kids were getting quite restless towards the end of the reception. Thomas actually had to drag Kyra and Lina away from each other because they started fighting about something.

Everyone wanted a few last words or a hug before we headed out to a limo that was taking us to spend our wedding night.

We can't really go on a real honeymoon yet since all our money goes towards a bigger apartment so we decided to spend the night in the new Zoltar hotel in Exmoor. Erin slipped into something a bit more comfortable and we danced in our room for a moment.

It was really great to get away for one night. Our wedding was such a success and I'm so proud and happy to call Erin my wife.


I took way too many posed pictures! I'm not even going to post them all but I'll probably use them for framed pictures in several households.

I wanted to do a photo with Erin and Toby sitting on the ground but Erin's huge dress looked so weird that I decided to stick with these two.

The happy couple with Iona.

Erin, Toby and Iona with Erin's parents.

The whole Fielding family. I was too lazy to do a shot with Thomas and the kids although now I wish I'd included them also.

The bride and groom with their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Erin with her bridesmaids Nyah, Lilly and Liv.

Toby with his groomsmen Niall, Tom and Danny.

  • Finally, Erin and Toby tied the knot! Erin took Toby's last name so she's now a Parker. I kept considering the different options for long before I decided that.
  • In case you're wondering, the venue is actually Carla's Benton Park. I imagine that it's designed by Bobbie Greene as a tribute to her late sister. I didn't change anything about the park, it was perfect the way it was. I'm also amazed how smoothly my game run with so many sims running around the lot. I actually wish I'd make the guest list a bit longer but I was too lazy to play the wedding again.
  • I needed a hotel for the wedding night pics, hence The Zoltar. It's nearly 100% undone, the only thing ready is that one room. And yes, it's named after that creepy fortune-telling machine from the movie Big. ;)


  1. Oooh, such a beautifull wedding! They both look so happy.
    I love it that Toby said that he didn't notice anything else but his beautifull bride.
    And she looks stunning!

    I know you said the hotel isn't finished yet, but I really hope you post a tour once it's finished, because I really like the room they stayed in :)

    I have a few WCIFs, I like Lilly's and Megan's hair, and I don't think I have them in my game yet, do you remember where you got them?
    And also Erin's dress...
    I hope you don't mind me asking.

  2. Wonderful wedding, about time these two got hitched, it seemed like they were together forever! I can't wait to see the bigger apartment that they move to and if they decide to have anymore children.

  3. Oh man, that picture of the little girls dancing! I love it!

    Erin and Toby made such a beautiful bride and groom. I'm glad they had such a gorgeous wedding at Victoria Park. ;)

    It does seem like Erin and Toby were together a long time before they finally got married but I think that's a good thing. They waited until they were sure it was right and now they can form a nice little family with Iona. And maybe a baby or two of their own. ;)

    My sister and I saw a real life Zoltar machine when we went to L.A! We wanted to make a wish but our bus was leaving, so we didn't have time. :( It was still cool though.

  4. Tanja, I liked playing this wedding so much, mostly because I just adore Erin and Toby. I think I made the right choice for Erin's dress, she really looks pretty.

    I will most likely post a tour of the hotel but I have no idea when I'll finish it. I have a couple of other projects I need to finish first.

    About the WCIFs, I'll do my best! I don't mind asking and most of the times I do remember where I got them :)

    Regan's hair is at MTS:

    Lilly's hair is the 2nd hair on this page:

    Erin's dress is from Liana Sims. It's the first dress on the bottom row:

    See, it pays off to have an over-the-top organized DL folder, lol!

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Apple Valley, I guess it's been a long time, they've been together for 6 years. In Finland it's actually pretty common for a couple to be together for a few years before they get married, my brother and his wife had been together for about 7 years before they got married.

    Building those apartments is my next project so you'll see them in Spring 2023 when I play Kurt and Tina Robinson since they'll be living there as well. Or sooner if I do a tour. I can tell that Toby rolled the want for a baby right after getting married but Erin hasn't rolled it yet so we'll just have to wait and see.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Carla, I love the kids dance animation.

    I really love that park. I downloaded it and knew right away that it would be the venue for Toby and Erin. I didn't even have to change anything! And you're right, Erin and Toby make a very nice looking couple.

    I think it was the right choice for Erin and Toby to wait and give their relationship some time to grow. I think it's also a cultural thing. As I said to AV, in Finland it's not that uncommon for couples to be together and even live together for years before getting married. One of my friends got married about a year ago and she and her now-husband already had three kids and had been living together for 10 years.

    Oh man, it would've been so cool if you got to try the Zoltar! I remember I loved the movie when I was a kid and I still like to watch it if they show it on tv.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  5. Such a beautiful wedding and I like the added touch of an invitation at the beginning. Erin made a beautiful bride and Toby looked so handsome. It was such a great gathering and sweet how Toby only had eyes for Erin. I loved the kids dancing and the posed pictures.

    I can't wait to use Carla's park in my hood. I have a wedding coming up sometime down the line but I'm not sure if the couple is the type to have their wedding in a park. We'll see! Some beautiful shots were taken there.

  6. I'm so happy that these two are finally married. I feel like I've been waiting a while for it. The invitation looked gorgeous.

  7. Danielle, I did the invitation for Dixie and Tom's wedding and liked it so much that I decided to do for all weddings from now on. It kind of kickstarts the update nicely.

    I had so much fun with this wedding because I adore this couple and how much they love each other.

    I really like that park especially since my computer can handle it so well. No lagging, no crashing. I'm sure you'll get to use the park as a wedding venue when your hood grows larger.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Choco, this wedding seems to have been anticipated by many for a long time, lol. I'm glad you liked the update.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  8. Great wedding! Those photos look great.

    Those two look so happy. I'm glad their wedding went well.