Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pumpkin soup

Round 15: April 2023
Frieda's last update/last update/next update

Kurt Robinson is 67, Tina is 35, Frieda is 15 and Tim is 2.
(Jack and Grace are 40.)

Narrated by Tina Robinson.

Frieda moved in to live with us last year and it hasn't gone as well as Kurt expected. He was thinking that his little girl is going to live with us but Frieda's not a little girl anymore. They mostly clash about school and her boyfriend. She's been getting quite poor grades lately and Kurt thinks it's all because of this boy.

They've come to an agreement now though. She will work harder on her grades and he will cut her some slack.

She's really serious about football. We even got her an exercise bike so she could work out at home. She's determined to get a sports scholarship for college.

It was a bit awkward for all of us in the beginning but I think we're all getting along very well now. I think Kurt has finally accepted that his little girl has grown up and Frieda is trying to respect her father's feelings and not act out too much.

We often watch movies together after we've put Tim to bed for the night.

Frieda's a great big sister and Tim adores her. Kurt goes to work right after Frieda's come home from school and she babysits Tim until I get home. It's really nice knowing he's home with someone I can trust.

Kurt was quite unsure if he could manage fatherhood at his age but he's doing really well. He loves spending time with Tim and the feeling is mutual. I've been wanting a second child ever since Tim was born but Kurt has been quite reluctant so far.

One night in Tim's room he simply took my hands and said that we should start trying. It's not like neither of us is getting younger and if we want a second child together then we'd better hurry.

Our main focus these last days has been Frieda's 15th birthday. She didn't want a huge party but just inviting Jack and Grace and their families makes quite a guest list. She also invited a couple of her friends and her boyfriend.

We got her a chocolate cake which she said she loved.

Her boyfriend Christian brought her a beautiful bouquet of roses. Kurt slowly starting to like him because he's always behaving so well when he's visiting our home.

I think Jack and Paige and the kids still miss Frieda. She visits them quite often but it's not the same as living with them. It's nice that she has so many adults to support her. Growing up without a mother hasn't been easy.

She got so many presents, mostly stuff for her room which she can take with her when she goes to college. Grace and Sam got her a handheld game so that she doesn't get bored on bus rides to football games. We got her a dresser and Jack's family bought her an easel and some paints.

A couple of days after Frieda's birthday we got some very exciting news. I'm pregnant! Kurt and I were both so surprised that I got pregnant so fast. We had originally planned to talk to Frieda that we're trying so that it doesn't come as a total surprise for her. There have been so many changes in her life lately that it felt important to let her know what was going on.

She seemed genuinely happy about the news though so I guess we needn't have to worry.

It's still very early but Kurt insists he can already feel a little bump. I'm just happy that he's happy about this pregnancy.

  • Title reference: Pumpkin soup by Kate Nash.
  • Frieda's first update in this household. I had so much fun planning her birthday party even though the pictures didn't quite turn out like I wanted.
  • The baby's due in January 2024. Tina really has had the want for another child ever since Tim was born so I finally gave in and took her off birth control. She got pregnant right away.
  • I recently bought a new video card and my game is running much more smoothly now. And so far it's been crash-free (fingers crossed)! This will hopefully speed up my playing because I can fire up the game when I have time without it crashing every 15 minutes.


  1. A new baby is so exciting! And it's nice that this new baby and Tim are going to be rather close in age.

    I think fathers always expect their little girls to stay little, and that they are always surprised when they're not so little anymore! It's especially hard to see them with their boyfriend. It's nice that Kurt is starting to warm up to Christian.

    1. I'm excited about the new baby as well! It's always fun to wait for the new arrivals. I like having the siblings with a small age gap. Some of the oldest siblings in my hood have huge age differences and aren't that close.

      No matter how old the kid gets she'll always be daddy's little girl, lol. And it's the same with mothers and sons. It is nice that Kurt is finally starting to accept Frieda's boyfriend.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  2. I'm happy that they are having another baby, but isn't he kind of old? LOL Hopefully he won't die anytime soon leaving her with two little ones to fend for. Or worse yet, she dies and he's left to care for them.

    Glad your game is no longer crashing too! So maybe it was the video card?

    1. Well, Clint Eastwood was 66 when his youngest child was born and Anthony Quinn was 81 so I think Kurt's in good company ;)

      I'm pretty sure it was the video card because my game hasn't crashed once with this new video card and during Frieda's birthday party I had about 17 sims on the lot.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  3. Yay, glad the crashing has subsided and a new baby, wow, very exciting. Frieda is growing up so fast, soon she'll be out on her own.

    1. I'm so glad about the crash-free game!

      You're right, Frieda won't be a teen for much longer. She'll go to college (or age up anyway) next round. Oh how the time flies!

      Thanks for reading. :)

  4. I'm glad you got the cake working! It's so much fun to have birthday parties in game. Nice to see Frieda enjoyed hers and that she and Kurt might be over their "teething problems" now that they're living together again. That was always going to be an adjustment for everybody.

    And yay, another baby! I'm sure Tim will love having another sibling and I bet Frieda won't mind having a baby to dote on either. ;)

    Awesome to hear your video card is working out for you! It's so much nicer to play when you don't need to worry so much about crashing.

    1. Simply re-installing the cake seemed to do the trick. I loved throwing the birthday party. It seems that Frieda and Kurt are starting to get used to living together again. It was difficult at first but they're getting there.

      I'm excited about this baby. I've always known I'd let them have another and this seemed like a good time.

      I'm so glad that buying the new videocard helped so much! It's such a joy to fire up my game now because I know I'll actually get to play without being interrupted by crashes all the time.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  5. Yay, new sims babies are always good! It's good to see that everyone is finding their rhythm with this living arrangement. Dads never want to see their daughters as adults, just as mothers never want to see their sons taken care of by another woman :). Frieda is a tough kid, very strong and maybe Kurt is finally allowing himself to see it. Can't wait to find out if they have a boy or a girl :)

    1. I'm always super-happy when I have new babies to wait for, lol.

      Parents simply don't want to see their kids grow up, right? Frieda and Kurt are getting along pretty well considering how much they've both changed since the last time they lived under the same roof.

      I absolutely love Frieda. She's such a character and has been able to maintain a positive attitude despite the rought times she's been through.

      I can't wait to find out which one they'll have either!!!

      Thanks for reading. :)

  6. So glad the new graphics card has fixed your crashing problems! Fingers crossed that it keeps running smoothly :D.

    Yay, a new baby! Congrats to them. I can't wait to have siblings that are close in age like they will be.

    I'm glad Frieda is doing well at her father's. She's had to deal with lots of change but she's handling it well. Hopefully she pulls those grades up, though!

    1. I'm so glad too! :D If it starts acting up again I know I'll have to get a new power supply because the current one is a bit inefficient with this new card.

      I love having siblings that are close to age. I feel like they are closer to each other in every aspect because they grow up together.

      I hope Frieda pulls those grades up too! She won't get to university with a D but she has a couple of years to make it better so I'm not too worried.

      Thanks for reading. :)