Thursday, 12 September 2013

Round 15 Summary

Let's wrap it up!

Births: 5 (Naomi Parker, Liana Patterson, Michael Robinson, Briony Newman, Ava Greene)

Deaths: 2 (Ethan Hayes, Chase Harper)

Engagements: 0

Marriages: 1 (Brooke Harper and Charlie Greene)

Break-ups: 2 (Liv Harris and Niall Christiansen, Lilly Fielding and Josh Cooper)

Graduations: 0

New residents: 4 (Minka Harris, Nick Harris, Greg Newman, Malia Newman)

Total population: 86 (45 females, 41 males)
Babies: 3
Toddlers: 8
Children: 15
Teens: 12
Adults: 36
Elders: 12


  1. At the moment I'm dreaming of having a round with only 5 births, my last one had 15!!!

    I'm glad you got to end of round 15, now we have round 16 to look forward to :)

    1. And I was thinking... "man, only 5 births" LOL!

      It took me about 20 months to play this round! I just checked and I started in February 2012! About time I finished. :)

      Thanks for reading. :)

  2. I think 5 births is a nice amount. Plenty of birthdays to look forward to but you won't have a completely insane kindergarten class in a few years!

    Congratulations on finishing the round!

    1. 5 is manageable but still plenty of cute little sims so all in all I'm happy. I don't think there would be room for 15 new students at my elementary school so I'm happy that my sims aren't as fertile as Tanja's!

      I'm so happy to have finished this round!

      Thanks for reading. :)