Monday, 16 September 2013

Happy Birthday, January 2025

New year - lots of birthday girls and boys!

Michael Robinson - or Mikey as his family calls him - turns 1 this january. He's the spitting image of his brother Tim.

Speaking of Tim, he will celebrate his 4th birthday this year and is one of the many children starting pre-school this year.

Tim's niece Emma is also another new pre-schooler.

This year marks the 4th birthday for the Lind twins Jasper...

... and Tessa.

And another set of twins: Hanna Greene...

... and her brother Jared.

Hanna and Jared's cousin Molly joins them in pre-school.

As does Molly's cousin Tate Cooper.

Wellington High School gets one new student this year. Jesse Midlock will turn 12 later this year. He's a Romance sim and wants to go out on a gazillion dates.

Deacon Burrows celebrates his 60th birthday this year but he has no intentions of leaving his very successful career in the business world.

  • One of my favourite kind of updates: a huge birthday post! I already posted a sneak preview in my tumblr some time ago because little Molly is so darn cute I just had to share her picture!
  • I was going to say poor Patsy for getting 8 (eight!) new pre-schoolers but then I realised I won't be playing the elementary school until in 2026. Although I don't think I have anyone turning 4 in the January 2026 birthdays so Patsy will most likely teach this bunch as kindergarteners.
  • I had a weird aging glitch when I was doing the January 2024 birthdays but it looks like the problem has solved itself! It doesn't really have any affect on my gameplay so I'm just going to live with it and work around it.


  1. So many cute new kids! I think Hanna and Emma are my favourites. They're beautiful but their faces look like they will make really interesting looking adults, on top of that.

    I'm excited to see Jesse in high school. A Romance sim! Watch out, Wellington!

    1. I feel most of these kids will probably look quite interesting because they're all a good mix of their parents. Looking at them I feel like I'm going to need a bunch of new townies in 15-20 years because almost all of them are also related somehow!

      I have so many Romance sims growing up that things will not get boring in Wellington for a long time LOL! Or at least I feel like I have a lot of Romance sims now. Unfortunately for Jesse all the girls in high school are older so they might not be that interested in him - yet.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  2. I just love birthdaypost! Especially the January ones!

    You have some pretty cute kids in Wellington, I'm already excited to see them grow up ;)

    The Robinson-boys really look a like.

    1. I love birthday posts as well! It's so much fun to age sims up and see what they look like.

      I hope someday I've played long enough to actually see these kids grow up! It's going to take ages with the speed I'm playing.

      Thanks for reading. :)