Sunday, 8 March 2009

Not for all the love in the world

Round 5: 1996-2000
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Jack knows that he won't go to college so he concentrates on charming the ladies. Calista Morgan seems impressed.

It only takes a blink of an eye before Jack and Calista are taking the full advantage of his parents' double bed. Olivia and Kurt surely wouldn't approve this but they're working in the garden.

Jack is already ushering Calista out of the house when he realizes they haven't even kissed yet! He quickly puckers his lips and places a sweet kiss on Calista's mouth.

Jack also has time to instruct his sister Grace in painting. Unlike Jack, Grace is determined to go to college because she wants to become a doctor. She's working hard on getting as many scholarships as possible because she knows her parents can't afford to pay for tuitions.

Kurt harvests a new crop of strawberries. They've been a real hit product in the Farmer's Market. The business is really starting to bloom and Kurt and Olivia have been able to pay back some of their loan. They still have a long way to go before they're free of their huge debt.

Denise Whitfield is friends with the twins but she's not sure what to think when she sees Jack flirting with her sister Rianna. It's not like she wants Jack for herself but Rianna's way too old for him!

Poor Jack! No wonder he falls asleep with his face down in his food. Flirting with all the beautiful girls is obviously wearing him out.

The Robinson household takes two serious hits within a few hours. First a burglar steals their sofa and tv and then Kurt sets the kitchen on fire.

Olivia gets pretty emotional over the burglary but she has to pull herself together and take care of business.

She's still pretty useless with the cash register but luckily she's getting better. She's heard a few complaints from the customers about the service being too slow and she's trying hard to be faster.

Grace is working hard on getting good grades. She's also taken on some additional courses in order to snatch a few more scholarships.

She still has time for her boyfriend Sam though.

The heavy work load is starting to take its toll on Grace and many nights she falls asleep on the livingroom couch.

Olivia on the other hand spends almost all of her time in the greenhouse talking to her plants. She's made a goal of getting their loan paid before next winter and she has to make sure that the vegetables she sells at the Farmer's Market are A class.

  • Title from "Not for all the love in the world" by The Thrills
  • I'm glad this family is finally getting on its feet. They still have a lot of loan left (about 25.000-30.000) but the business is going pretty well.
  • Jack had the want to go to college for about 10 sim minutes but it rolled away which I'm happy about. He's not going, the family just can't afford to pay for two students. He'll become the first teen in Wellington not to go to uni. I'm hoping Grace will get 6 scholarships which would make her tuitions a bit lower. So far it's looking quite good and they still have about 7-8 days left before aging up.


  1. I hope Grace gets the scholarships she needs. I've had a bunch of lazy teens lately and none of mine have got more than 4 or 5.

    Jack is hilarious! No prizes for guessing his aspiration. He seems like fun to play.

  2. LOL, poor Jack! Flirting is so exhausting! ;)

    That's too bad about the burglar stealing their sofa and TV (I hate how long the Sims cry over burglaries!) but I'm glad the business is doing well and I hope everything works out!

  3. How do you get around the aspiration failure they usually get if they don't get into uni?