Sunday, 8 March 2009

Space dementia

Round 5: 1996-2000
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Stella and Deacon exchange their wedding vows in the Little Pink Chapel in the presence of only a few witnesses. They decide to keep their own last names. Stella doesn't want to change her name now that she's finally starting to get fame in the show business.

They decide to head off for a quick honeymoon in Far East in the Kayuanbua Village. They stay in the luxurious Steaming Dragon hotel.

They have a wonderful time in the fairly secluded village. The restaurant in their hotel is fabulous and they love to soak up in the hot springs nearby. Stella tells Deacon that she doesn't approve cheating at all. She also throws a coin in the old wishing well hoping for happiness and prosperity.

Deacon was able to convince Stella to stop using birth control so after they come back from the honeymoon Stella finds out she's pregnant. She isn't really sure what to think. Children have never been a part of her plans.

While his pregnant wife is resting at home, Deacon takes Rianna Whitfield out on a date. He knows he shouldn't - especially since he's been sleeping with her mother as well - but she's just too irresistible.

Deacon doesn't seem too concerned about who might see them. Rianna on the other hand starts to have quite serious feelings for Deacon. She's starting to think that maybe marriage wouldn't be such a bad thing after all.

Deacon has no intentions of leaving his wife especially now that they're about to become parents. Stella doesn't have a clue about her husband's infidelity - she would probably tear his head off if she did.

Stella goes into labor late Wednesday night. Deacon tries to call an ambulance but Stella tells him it's too late. The baby is coming now and he has to help her!

Stella and Deacon are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. They name her Livia Peyton, but decide to call her Liv.

There are a lot of things to say about Deacon as a husband (and none of them are good) but he is a great father.

Stella wants to get back in shape quickly so she practices yoga whenever Liv is taking a nap.

Time flies when you're having fun. Liv has her first birthday and starts looking more and more like her father.

  • Title from "Space dementia" by Muse
  • Stella doesn't know about Deacon's infidelity - yet. I haven't decided yet what will become of their marriage after he turned out to be a real pig. The funnies thing is that Deacon is gossiping how Jackie Whitfield cheated on her husband. What he fails to mention is that he's the other half of that affair. I wouldn't mind if Stella found out somehow.


  1. What a dog Deacon is! You'd think he'd at least have a little honeymoon period right after getting married but it looks like he's right back with Rianna!

    Poor Stella - completely clueless.

  2. Yikes! Poor Stella, Deacon didn't even take the time to enjoy marriage before running off to be with someone else. :(

    Liv is adorable though!

  3. Whoa, Deacon! You've got a lot of nerve. Poor Stella... If he keeps going carelessly at it, she will!

  4. I'd like to see Stella tear his head off! Or a similar punishment!