Thursday, 5 March 2009

They can't take that away from me

Round 5: 1996-2000
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The Harper twins are going through the "terrible twos". Amabelle doesn't have a great success in trying to feed Alexa some porridge.

Big sister Paige doesn't have any better luck when she tries to teach Brooke some new words. Brooke is much more interested in sucking her thumb.

The twins have their good moments too and can be very cute when they want to.

Paige is a fitness enthusiast. Her father doesn't really like his job in the military but Paige wants to become a General one day. She works out as much as she can because she knows that a good physique is required in order to pass the recruit boot camp. The gym at the KaChing shopping centre is quite small but it's the only gym in Wellington so it will have to do.

Paige also wants to get a new haircut. She regrets cutting her hair very short when she had her birthday so she heads off to the beauty department. She's a bit hesitant at first because the stylist doesn't look very stylish but she's happy with her new hair style.

Paige wants to take a picture of herself so she heads to the photobooth on the ground floor. Then it's time to go home, her parents told her to come home for dinner.

Amabelle and Chase have finally paid back all of their loan and they are able to start renovating the house. They change the carpets and wallpapers for the girls' rooms first and the result is very bright and pretty.

Déjà vu! Amabelle is now working as a Double Agent with a top-notch salary so hopefully they can fix the plumbing soon. She's really fed up with the leaky pipes.

The twins have started school so Chase helps them with their homework.

Paige doesn't have any workout equipment at home so she jumps rope to stay in shape. She's heard rumors of a gym opening soon in Exmoor but she's not sure if her parents would be willing to pay for a membership.

Amabelle has heard horror stories of teenagers so she feels very lucky to have such a strong bond with Paige.

The master bathroom has gone through a major change. The wall and floor tiles have been replaced and the plumbing is all new. The big room seems a bit empty but Chase and Amabelle are hoping to buy a jacuzzi someday.

After almost 25 years together Chase and Amabelle are still very much in love. They finally feel like it was the right decision to buy the old family mansion as it is slowly becoming a beautiful home for their family.

  • Title from "They can't take that away" from me by Frank Sinatra
  • Oh yay, I finally get to fix up this house. In other hoods I would've cheated ages ago but I've been really patient this time ;)
  • It's starting to look like Chase will have to stay in the military until retirement. I don't think I've ever played this long without a certain career (Natural Science in Chase's case) to come up.


  1. I'm glad they're able to start renovations on the house. I know it may seem silly, but when your sim saves and fianlly are able to do what they want with a home, it's so rewarding, lol. Can't wait to see more!

  2. I agree, it's so rewarding when the Sims finally earn enough money to make their home look nice rather than cheating to get to that point. :) I'm glad to see that the family is finally getting some of the rewards from their hard work and sacrifice over the years!

  3. Yay, I'm glad Chase and Amabelle were finally able to start renovations. The bathroom especially was in sore need, wasn't it?

    And the twins are adorable!

    With my old legacy, the founder wanted to be a Criminal Mastermind and it finally popped up for him about 3 days before he turned elder! He reached the top too but it was on the day he died!

  4. My sims get to live the dream since I'd like to fix up my house IRL but can't afford it ;) The master bath was really hideous but I love it now, the bathroom upstairs is my next goal. Let's hope that the new toilet and shower don't break as often as the old ones.

  5. Cool - I remember asking before when the renovations would happen - at least they can really appreciate the house since they really had to wait for the renovations!