Tuesday, 17 March 2009

One sweet love

Round 5: 1996-2000
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Max is more of an electric guitar kind of guy but he sometimes plays the violin too.

Regan and Nyah spend the Sunday morning by watching Nyah's favorite cartoons. Regan is very close to giving birth and she wants to spend some quality time with Nyah before the baby is born.

In the evening Regan gives birth to a baby girl, Erin Charlotte.

Max still regrets the fact that he wasn't around when Nyah was a baby so he's more than happy to get up in the middle of the night to feed Erin.

Babies grow up so fast. It's already time for Erin's 1st birthday!

It's hard to tell which parent she resembles more. She does have her mother's gray eyes and her father's mouth.

Nyah also has a birthday, she turns 11. Her parents get her a bigger violin which she tries out immediately.

Nyah also wants to celebrate with her friends so she goes to Generation X, the teenagers' favorite hangout.

Nyah's friend Thomas Marlowe happens to be there too. They've been friends ever since they started school but this is the first time Nyah realizes how cute Thomas is!

Back at home Max teaches Erin to walk while Regan relaxes in front of the tv. She got a promotion to Project Leader and the work days are longer and more demanding.

Nyah also loves to spend time with her little sister. She thinks it will be a good practice for when she has kids of her own.

Thomas comes over after school and they kiss for the first time.

Max can't believe how big Nyah has gotten. It feels like yesterday when she was a toddler and now she's making out with boys!

Regan and Max want to get to know Thomas a bit better so they invite him to stay for dinner. Regan finds it hard to concentrate on the conversation because she's feeling a bit nauseous. She's pretty certain that she's pregnant again so she thinks it's just normal "morning" sickness.

Suddenly she feels a terrible pain in her stomach. Oh no, she's having a miscarriage! There's really nothing to do. Regan is devastated but she tries to keep up appearances so not to worry her family.

  • Title from "One sweet love" by Sara Bareilles
  • Another miscarriage on the same round! I really have to start taking better care of my pregnant sims. Regan was doing quite well though, only her energy level was low, all others were fine. They'll probably try again next round.
  • Max reached his LTW by getting promoted to professional party guest. So he now only works three days a week. I might make him start a business to keep him occupied, it'll be boring if he's home all day every day.


  1. Oh, no, another one. :( Does any of your sims get a red X over the baby conversation have losing a pregnancy? My sim doesn't even want to try now since she lost her baby. :(

    I hope they are able to get pregnant again. And Nyah already making out with boys. Oooo, lol. I hope she's not a handful for her parents.

  2. I haven't paid attention to the baby conversations really so I can't say. I don't know if Regan and Max will try again. She's only 34 though so they still have time.

    I don't think that Nyah will cause any real trouble, she's Family so she might stick to Thomas. But who knows, Family sims can be quite "active" with ACR ;)

  3. When your sims get a miscarriage - do they lose aspiration points? Like, do they act like something bad happened?

  4. Usually their mood goes into red, at least comfort and hygiene plummets. I haven't noticed any change in their aspiration points because there's no fears concerning a miscarriage since it's a hack related thing.

  5. Oh, poor Regan! I wonder if they'll try again. Nyah's already a teen but Max and Regan are still very young.

    I still love the First Kiss. It's very cute.

  6. I love all the "special" animations. First kiss, kid and parent snuggling on the sofa, classic dance for kids, toddlers hugging... I take loads of pictures of those but I try to control myself not to put them in every update.

    Regan and Max have tried for a child autonomously every time so I'm pretty sure they will try again after she's recovered. I'd like them to have another child :)

  7. Oh, that's so sad. :( I hope they're able to try again if they want another and have a healthy baby. Erin is a cutie and Nyah is very pretty. Already making out with boys, LOL. Sim kids grow up so fast! ;)