Saturday, 6 June 2009

All this time

Round 7: 2005-2008
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Narrated by Anthony Midlock.

I had a day off work so I thought this would be a good time to study some music theory. I want to advance in my career, the judging thing really isn't my cup of tea.

I had planned a big surprise for Rianna: I asked her to marry me! Well I don't know if it's such a surprise since we've been together for a few years now and have a baby on the way.

Rianna's pregnancy is starting to show so we finally told her parents that they're about to become grandparents. They were really thrilled! We also told them we'll get married before the baby is born so they'd better prepare for a wedding. We'll have the ceremony in our apartment because we can't afford a huge party.

I know pregnant women need a lot of rest so I try to get Rianna to take a nap every now and then. I usually join her in the bedroom and read a book or something.

Sometimes she refuses to sleep but hey, at least she's in bed, right?!

Rianna decided to put her feet up before the guests arrive so she'd have the energy to party afterwards.

We only invited her family and they all came. The ceremony was short and simple - just the way we wanted.

After we had exchanged our vows we put on some music and everyone was dancing and chatting.

I don't think I've ever seen Rianna looking so beautiful as she did on our wedding day. I wish I would have had the sense to hire a photographer but I didn't.

Our wedding night wasn't a very wild one. Rianna was exhausted after the guests had left so she headed straight to bed while I stayed up and cleaned the apartment.

Rianna's pregnancy went really smoothly and our baby was born early on Saturday morning. We had a girl, Emily Priscilla.

Rianna and I are both beginners when it comes to taking care of babies. I had thought that Rianna might have helped with her younger siblings but she was sick the whole time Denise was little and had moved out long before the twins were born.

I think we'll do fine though. Emily isn't very demanding, I think I've only heard her cry once when her diaper was full of you-know-what.

I was kind of hoping for a boy when Rianna was pregnant. Don't get me wrong - I love our little girl! I just don't know anything about little girls. With a boy, you can always start up a conversation about sports like I did with Rianna's little brother Zach. What do girls want to talk about? Flowers and barbie dolls?

Emily has her first birthday and we decide it's time to get her out of her diapers. The intense potty training begins!

I'm getting the feeling that maybe I'm not so hopeless with little girls either. At least Emily seems to like me!

Did I mention that Rianna is pregnant again? She didn't really want to wait years before having another child. As she said "Face the facts Tony, I'm not getting any younger".

Allerdale Elementary School: Getting started
Rianna is the principal of Allerdale Elementary School. The students this round are (l-r): Stephen Marlowe, Zack Whitfield, Dawn Whitfield and Liv Harris.

Rianna hasn't been able to hire a cook yet so she prepares lunch while the kids are on recess.

The kids seem to be getting along pretty well. Liv is the oldest student, she'll start high school next round.

  • Title from "All this time" by Maria Mena
  • I wasn't able to get the chef to spawn for the school cafeteria but after I had played I found a hack at Simlogical that should fix that problem.
  • Rianna had a super-easy pregnancy with Emily. She didn't have any morning sickness and was feeling pretty good the whole time. Unfortunately it seems her second pregnancy is horrible, I don't think I've ever seen a pregnant sim throw up so many times!
  • As you might have guessed, I haven't had time to play. I'm trying to finish round 7 this weekend so that I can post the updates next week.
  • I haven't really addressed the whole TS3 thing at all but here goes: Yes, I got it. No, I don't like it very much. I'm not saying it's rubbish, it's just not as fab as I expected. I'll definitely keep playing TS2 and will continue to blog about Wellington.


  1. Wonderful update, I love her hair in the shot where she's preparing lunch. Do you mind me asking WCIF?

  2. Thanks :)

    I don't mind the WCIF questions at all, ask any time you want :)

    The hair is by Xandher at TSR. It's part of the Fortune hair set.

  3. What a lovely wedding. I don't think any of my apartments are big enough for a wedding arch! I'll have to see about getting some bigger apartments.

    The twins look so cute in their formal wear.

    I love Rianna napping on the bed. Did you just move her from the couch or is that a pose hack?

  4. Their apartment is quite big although now I wish I would've done a better floor plan.

    It's a pose hack, I think it's from Club Crimsyn. I used the moveobjects cheat to get her on the bed.

  5. They are such a cute couple. And I always love looking at school updates.

    I have another WCIF question. The school desk, where can I get those?