Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sunny day

Round 7: 2005-2008
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Narrated by Ben Cooper.

Let's face it, my apartment building is kind of a dump! The common area only has a tiny basketball court and a few benches to sit on. And the apartments aren't that great either.

Luckily Denise doesn't seem to mind. She comes over quite often since we wouldn't have any privacy in the tiny dorm that she lives in. She even says she'll move in with me after she graduates. I just don't see the mayor's daughter living here.

I take advantage of the basketball hoop in order to stay fit. I got a job in the Architecture career and although I really don't have to do the heavy stuff I still want to be in good form.

My little brother Danny calls me pretty much every day so I invited him over. He's already in high school. I asked him whether he had a girlfriend but he said no. I guess he wouldn't tell his big brother even if he did.

I'm not half as good a cook as Sam but I manage to keep myself from starving so it's fine.

I didn't expect that being an adult would be so incredibly boring. Or maybe it's just my life? I'm trying to save money so I haven't gone out in what feels like 100 years. I mostly chat with my friends on the phone.

I did spend some money to buy a bookcase so I'd have something interesting to do during the evenings. I don't even have a tv!

I was made the Head of Construction Company so I invited Denise on a date to celebrate my big promotion. I took her dining in the Joie Délicieuse, the most expensive restaurant in Wellington.

I told Denise to order anything from the menu and we both decided to try the filet mignon. After the dinner we had a sip of french champagne.

And then I proposed! I was so nervous that Denise would say no. But she didn't - she said yes! So now we're officially engaged.

We left the restaurant pretty soon after the proposal because we wanted to be alone.

Denise stayed the night and we talked about our future until the break of dawn.

  • Title from "Sunny day" by Kristiina Wheeler
  • A very short update since not much happened besides the proposal. Poor single sims aren't very exciting to play, are they?
  • I've noticed that a lot of sim bloggers have switched to TS3 so I don't know if anyone's even interested in reading about TS2 hoods anymore. I'm going to continue this blog anyway :)


  1. I'll still be reading! I'm glad you're staying in TS2-I love Wellington!

  2. Hey I'm new to your blog but I love it! And I'm really glad that you aren't jumping on the Sims 3 ship and sailing away! I will definitely continue to read!

  3. I think I've updated three times since the release of the game. I'm playing it, but I'm not going to blog it. Sims 3 doesn't "do it" for more. I'm keeping with my beloved Sims 2. So count me in! Still reading too!

  4. Aww, thanks guys for your super-nice comments :) It's so nice to hear that you enjoy my little blog.

    I feel bad for not being able to update more often but RL is kind of hectic right now. But my summer vacation starts in a few weeks and if the weather stays like this (cold and raining) I'll probably spend most of my vacation playing TS2.

  5. I'm certainly still interested in TS2 hoods, seeing I'm still playing! I updated Sullivan with two entries yesterday and I just wrote another that will go up tomorrow!

    I loved the proposal scene. I still need a fancy restaurant in Sullivan or Exeter, with a dress code and everything. You've inspired me to go hunting today!

  6. I'm still reading TS2 blogs.

    And singles sims can be boring. I like playing them because their houses go fast. But that is about it.