Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Flying high

Round 10: Autumn 2014
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Rianna Midlock is 44, Anthony is 40, Emily is 6, Sara is 5 and Jesse is 1.

Narrated by Anthony Midlock

We have settled into our new home very nicely. We have a huge mortgage and it'll probably take years before we're debt-free but we're happy.

We don't let the kids watch a lot of tv but they usually bug us long enough in the afternoon so that they get to watch their favorite cartoons while Rianna cooks dinner. I read the paper and make sure they don't watch channels that aren't approriate for kids.

Rianna almost managed to burn down our kitchen the other night. She was cooking spaghetti and she swears she only left it unattended for a few minutes to check on the washing machine. When she came back the stove was on flames! Luckily we have a top-of-the-line fire alarm and the fire department came right away. Accidents happen no matter how careful you are. I'm just glad we're all ok.

Rianna was able to salvage the spaghetti but oh man, it was vile! It was all burned up. The girls kept making these yucky faces and I just had to cover my face so Rianna wouldn't see me laugh. I knew she felt bad enough without me snickering at her.

Rianna usually helps the girls with their homework so that I can take a nap before heading off to the studio.

I guess it's a bit strange and unfair that I make more money than Rianna even though she's the one with a college degree. There's so much money in the music business - I'm just glad I'm getting some of that.

I spend my days taking care of Jesse. He recently learned to walk and now we're trying to get him out of diapers and teach him to use the potty. So far so good.

My lunch is usually a bag of chips or cookies. I can't let Jesse out of my sight for a second because he usually gets himself into trouble pretty quickly.

Like the other day when I was cleaning up the kitchen. I turned my back on him for a few seconds and he had already managed to wobble out of the door. I suddenly realized that it was too quiet and noticed that the front door was open.

Luckily I grabbed him before he walked straight to the street. I guess we have to keep the front door locked all the time before he learns not to run outside at any possiblity.

Our backyard is very tiny but we managed to fit a slide for the kids there. It's not that far to the playground so we don't have to get all equipment. Emily loves to slide although at first she was too scared to do it right. She just sat on the top and yelled "Dad, get me down!"

Sara prefers playing inside the house. She's always playing with that toy horse. I hope she doesn't ask for a pony because we certainly can't afford one in a million years!

  • Title from "Flying high" by Jem
  • The house is actually the Maxis townhouse but I have revamped it completely. I tore down all interior walls and completely re-build the rooms. I'll post pics of it later. I'm planning to post more pics of the hood and the buildings in the future anyway.


  1. I like to revamp Maxis houses when I'm in the mood. You've done a great job! can't wait to see the pics!

    It's good to see Rianna and Anthony getting their "dream" home. That mortgage will get you though!

  2. I'm glad Rianna and Anthony have a home to call their own - I hope the mortgage isn't too much of a trial for them to pay off!

    Jesse is too cute! I love the picture of him waddling out the door!

  3. They have a huge mortgage (about €50.000) but they needed a big house. They already paid some of it back and Anthony has some stuff in his inventory that he can sell. I'm keeping quite a low interest rate for mortgages but for other loans I plan to make it higher in the future.

    I love this family to pieces. The kids are all so cute that it doesn't even bother me that they appear to be clones of each other.

  4. This family is so cute, I love seeing the diversity in your hood. Anthony is a cutie-in a bad boy kind of way with his tattoos, yummy.

  5. Looking forward to seeing your hood pictures and this lot. I like seeing Maxis houses remade.

    I really like this family, and am glad they were able to get a house large enough to fit them. Too bad on the small backyard, but with a park nearby, it won't be a big deal for the kids.