Saturday, 26 December 2009

Tell me what we're gonna do now

Round 10: Summer 2014
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Kurt Robinson is 58, Jack is 31, Paige is 30, Frieda is 6 and Todd is 2.

Narrated by Paige Robinson

This summer started in the worst way that you could possibly imagine. Olivia passed away so suddenly. Kurt has been taking it really hard. They were married for 35 years and I can't even imagine what he's going through.

I keep thinking about her last day. We worked together in the greenhouse and talked about life. She said she wanted to travel because she had spent practically her whole life on this farm.

Later in the evening she and Frieda played outside. I could hear them laughing. I noticed that our computer had gotten broken and when Olivia got inside I told her that I would fix it in the morning. I headed off to bed and woke up a couple of hours later when I heard this terrible scream. I ran downstairs and she was gone...

After the funeral we've tried to get back on track. It hasn't been easy. Kurt could barely function for a few days but he has gotten back to work. He says he needs something else to think about.

I'm most worried about Frieda. It breaks my heart to hear her cry in her room at night.

I try to console her the best I can but nothing I say or do will bring her mommy back.

Even Todd has been much more quiet than usual. Instead of playing with his toys he just sits and sucks on his thumb. He's too young to really understand what has happened but he has noticed that grandma is missing and everyone is sad.

A lot of neighbors have come by to express their condolences, even those who didn't know Olivia so well. It's nice to know she was loved by so many people.

We've been slowly trying to get back to normal life. Frieda invited the Midlock girls Emily and Sara over and we had a great time. I ordered a pizza and they watched cartoons on tv and played together. This is exactly what Frieda needs to get over her grief.

I'm worried about Jack. He's been working his ass off trying to hold on to his job and run the farm. We closed the Farmer's Market for some time but Jack is determined to open it in the autumn.

He finally reached his limit one evening after he came home from work. He fell asleep in the middle of eating some leftovers. Kurt found him sleeping with his face on his plate and woke him up.

"You have to either quit your job or close the farm, son" he told Jack. "You can't burn the candle at both ends. You have a wife and a son who need you."

It seems like Kurt is slowly starting to recover. He's always ready to babysit. He won't go near the greenhouses though. I guess it's too painful for him to see them without Olivia working there.

Jack quit his job so he can concentrate on farming. I'm glad about his decision. This way he has more time for his family. We need to stick together through this difficult time.

  • Title from "Tell me what we're gonna do now" by Joss Stone featuring Common
  • Olivia died about halfway through my game session which totally changed the mood for this update. She was the first of the older sims in Wellington to pass away so I was pretty shocked. It was so tempting to try to save her but I stayed strong.


  1. Wow-I don't know if I could reach the point of not pleading with the grim reaper or using the career reward if I fail. I guess it continues to take things out of your control, but...what if it's my favorite simmie? Eee, you're brave, I'm not.

    I never saw a sim die from the computer-shock, yes-die, no. Poor Robinsons, thank goodness it seems that they're getting back on track.

    Hey, you changed the blog's colors didn't you?

  2. I made the decision not to plead ages ago but I've often wondered whether I could do it or not. It's so sad. I had planned to take Olivia and Kurt on vacation because they've been working their little pixelated asses off on the farm but fate had it otherwise.

    I had never seen a sim die from the computer either so it was a real shock both to Olivia and me too. (Sorry, bad joke LOL)

    Yeah, I changed the colors some time ago. I changed the layout because I wanted to use bigger pictures in the posts. I'm planning to make a proper title image with pictures of the hood (or the sims) but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

  3. This poor family...little Frieda is just breaking my heart but I'm glad Kurt is dealing, as hard as that must be. 35 years is a long time!

    I've got a no plead rule too but it's one I haven't written down because I reserve the right to change my mind if it's one of my favourites!

  4. The poor family. They will move on and heal with time. :(

  5. I'm sure the family will get through this but it was heartbreaking to see them cry, especially little Frieda.

    Carla, I haven't written down the no plead rule either for the same reason you haven't. I'm sure I probably would've changed my mind if it had been one of my favourites.

  6. Frieda crying is just too sad. :( Poor thing.

    Ugh, I hate when things go unfinished! Poor Kurt and Olivia, wanting to go on vacation and now losing the opportunity.

    I'm glad someone else will continue the farm and farmer's market. That's quite a large greenhouse set up they have! I have one in my game for a farmer's market, and it's no where as big (and its quite tiresome for my sim to run!) I can imagine why Jack was passing out on his dinner!

  7. I went a little overboard with the greenhouse. It's too big, it takes so much time if all the garden plots are in use. At the moment they're only using half of the greenhouse but it's still 24 garden plots! I made Jack quit his job, I don't want him to get a burn-out.

  8. I hope they still have some incoming money because at least in my experience business' don't make much money.

  9. They still have Kurt and Paige working so there's a good income besides the business.