Wednesday, 9 December 2009

King of bloke and bird

Round 10: Spring 2014

Principal Rianna Midlock is 44 and Patsy Greene is 23.
Students: Dawn and Zach Whitfield are 10, Josh Cooper, Lilly Fielding and Finn Harris are 9, Aaron and Ethan Hayes, Emily Midlock and Frieda Robinson are 6 and Sara Midlock is 5.

This semester Rianna and the older students concentrate on literature. Rianna has given the kids a list of books which they all read and then discuss them in the class. It's a nice break from the gradework.

Patsy is also introducing her little students to literature by reading them some of the classic fairytales. Sara Midlock is the only new student this year so the class is still quite small.

Patsy also starts to teach the kids to read. It's a bit much for a preschooler like Sara but she seems very eager to learn.

Patsy is delighted that the kids seem to have a little longer attention span than last year when it comes to gradework. Still she has to keep a close eye on them, especially the Hayes boys who start making faces at each other when they get bored.

The kids love the recess the most. Patsy usually plays with them on the playground. She has to supervice them anyway so it's more fun for her if she pushes them in the swing or on the carousel.

  • Title from "King of bloke and bird" by Robbie Williams
  • A very ridiculously short update. They still don't have enough money to build the music room and the taxes aren't due for a couple of years so it'll take some time.


  1. Patsy is so adorable! I think she's almost as cute as her students.

    I really love your school!

  2. Thanks :)

    Patsy is really great, isn't she? I think she was the perfect choice for the preschool/1st grade teacher.

  3. I think Patsy was a great choice for a teacher. She seems to really enjoy the kids and still has energy to play with them.

    I like the picture of her reading to the kids, so sweet.

  4. Thanks Maisie. I guess playing with the kids on the playground is a good practice for Patsy for the future since she and Camryn will likely adopt a child soon.