Monday, 28 December 2009

New soul

Round 10: Autumn 2014
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Greg Newman is 21 and Charlie and Janie Greene are 20.

The drama is slowly dying in the Greenleaves Hall. Janie spent some time at her parents' house during the summer so that she and Greg could both cool down a bit and maybe become friends again. The break seems to have done good for them since they're chatting like old friends again.

Charlie on the other hand is a bit lost now that Brooke has moved back to Wellington. The dorm feels so empty without her so he usually spends his time around the campus. The Fitness Centre's spa section is great, he likes soak in the hot tub for hours.

Which is probably good since his performance at the pool is less than impressive. Luckily no one's there to see when he chickens out on the diving board.

Charlie decides he needs a boys' night out instead of moping around and missing Brooke. He and Greg get a taxi and they meet Thomas at Twilight Zone. They get some fuel to their engines first in the downstairs restaurant.

It was supposed to be boys' night out but Thomas has obviously brought his wife with him. Charlie won't let that interfere with his kick-ass karaoke performance.

They end their night getting high on the massive bubble blower.

Greg has lost the last shred of motivation for studying. He usually just lounges around in the dorm, not bothering to attend his classes or do his assignment. Not very wise for a guy who's already on academic probation.

It doesn't really help that Charlie calls him a "big fat slob". So maybe he has gained some weight and maybe he's not studying very hard but does Charlie always have to be so blunt!

Maybe Greg should've listened to Charlie. He fails his final exam for the second time and gets expelled from Brixton University. Now he's moving back to Wellington feeling like a total failure.

Janie: B (GPA 3.7)
Charlie: C+ (GPA 3.1)
Greg: D > expelled from university

  • Title from "New soul" by Yael Naïm
  • Greg is the first sim in Wellington to flunk out! Although Brooke Harper came quite close too. He's still in the sim bin but I'll move him somewhere and you'll see an update on his situation in the Winter 2015 birthday post.


  1. I wonder what Greg is going to do now that he's flunked out.

  2. I have a few plans for Greg but I havent decided what I'll do with him yet. He's still in the sim bin ;)

  3. I feel bad that he flunked out. But who says you have to be college educated to make money. He'll get on his two feet... I hope!

  4. Aw, poor Greg! Still, most of my college flunk-outs have eventually made something of themselves, so I'm sure Greg will survive!

  5. I'm sure Greg will be alright. He's quite disappointed with himself at the moment which is totally understandable. I'm sure he'll bounce back up again after some time.

    As I said in my earlier comment, I have a few plans for him which you'll hear about later :)

  6. Poor Charlie, he looked quite sad and a little pathetic there for a bit. And lol at the boys night out, and bring Nyah with!

    Wow on Greg flunking out. I wonder what the future holds for him.