Sunday, 25 July 2010

Trick me

Round 12: Autumn 2018
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Erin Fielding is 23 and Iona is 6.
(Toby is 26,
Greg is 25 and Malia is 22.)

Narrated by Erin Fielding

Iona and I have settled nicely into our new home. I really like our house. It looks quite small but there's plenty of space for the two of us.

I know mom and dad were hoping that I would move back home but they've been really supportive anyway. I wouldn't have been able to start law school yet because the rent deposit pretty much ate up all my money but my parents insisted that they'll pay for the first two years.

I get to walk Iona to the bus every morning because I start working at 10 am. I'm grateful for having a job but I really wish I could do something else. Cleaning houses is quite demanding physically and the salary is ridiculously low. But it pays the rent and brings food to the table so I'm not complaining.

Iona is with the nanny after school for a few hours before I come home from work. There's a playground in the area so she gets plenty of fresh air every day.

I thought university was hard work but it was nothing compared to law school! I have my nose buried in books the minute Iona goes to bed and I usually end up reading until I can't keep my eyes open anymore.

Other nights I sit in front of my computer either writing term papers or searching for information on the internet.

I've been pretty much living on espresso for the last few months and I don't even like coffee that much! I know it'll all be worth it in the end but sometimes I wonder if I'm just making life too difficult for myself.

Toby's been really great. We would probably never see each other if he didn't come over. I simply don't have the time or the energy to get out of the house even when Iona is with Greg and Malia.

He says that I work too hard so one evening he said that he's going to take care of everything and sent me straight to bed!

It felt strange to go to bed so early but I have to admit that I was really exhausted. I fell asleep the moment my head touched the pillow.

Toby had helped Iona with her homework and then made her dinner and played chess with her before she had to go to bed.

He had even read her a bedtime story and tucked her in when she fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed that he had stayed for the night. I don't know what I've done to deserve him but I feel like I've really hit the jackpot this time.

I've become friends with Malia so we spend a lot of time together. We had her and Greg over for barbeque one weekend and ended up having a great time. Greg was a bit suspicious about Toby at first but they get along pretty well now.

Greg and Malia got engaged a couple of months ago. They haven't set a date yet but they'll most likely wait until 2020 before they tie the knot. I'm genuinely happy for them. I've been able to get over the hate and bitterness that I felt for Greg for so long.

Iona is slowly warming up to Malia. There's a small bond near our house and Malia taught Iona to fish and they seemed to have a good time.

Poor thing was so tired that she had to take a nap when we got back to our house.

  • Title reference: Trick me by Kelis
  • I got some new career rules from Laura's blog. Erin is in law school which means she has to study and pay tuitions. She could already work in the law career (if there were any openings) but she can't reach the higher levels until she has a law degree.
  • Toby has had the want to get engaged to Erin for a long time and now she has started to think about engagement a lot lately. They've only been together for about 2,5 years so they're not in a rush.


  1. Toby was absolutely right to give Erin the night off! She really deserved it!
    He really is good for her, and I'm glad she starteg thinking about mariage too, they look sweet together.

    It's a good thing Erin and Iona get along with Greg's new girlfriend. It wouldn't be good fot Iona if Erin kept a grudge against Greg.

  2. Tanja, Toby is really wonderful. I usually make visitors selectable and he always rolls wants for Erin. And Iona likes him a lot too.

    I know there are couples who never get along after they break up but I didn't want Erin and Greg to end up like that. It would be too devastating for Iona if her parents didn't get along.

  3. Aw, Toby is a sweetheart! I'm glad someone is making that girl take a break. Law school is tough!

    So nice to see Toby, Erin, Greg, Malia and little Iona getting along. I am giddily excited about the future possibility of a Toby/Erin wedding. ;) She's still very young though, so I'm glad she's not jumping into anything.

  4. Toby is a catch! Sending her to bed, and taking care of everything, a guy like that doesn't come around all that often.

    I really like these two girls together, Erin is such a dedicated mom, and their new apartment is really fitting for the two. I like the photo of the nanny playing with Iona.

    How great that Erin/Greg/Toby/Malia all get along, that will be such a benefit to Iona.

    Mind if I WCIF Erin's shirt? It's super cute.

  5. Carla, Toby really is a sweetheart. Poor Erin spend most of her nights in front of that computer. I made her write a novel and I honestly thought she wouldn't get it done during my play session but she did.

    Erin and Malia hit it off right away, it was bit harder for Greg and Toby. It seems that Toby and Erin are heading into marriage, slowly but surely. I'm giddily excited about it too :)

    Maisie, I've never met a guy like Toby IRL... I'd still like to think they exist. ;)

    I enjoy playing Erin and Iona very much. And I really like their apartment. I've had problems with the nanny before but she seemed to be on her best behaviour this time.

    Erin's shirt is by Jessi:

    A word of warning though, her blog is full of great stuff, I think I've downloaded everything :)

  6. Toby has me swooning. He is a sweetheart. Such a good guy. How long will Erin's law school be for?

  7. Apple Valley, Erin's law school will last 4 years and she just completed her first year so she has 3 years left.

  8. Thanks for the link and word of warning... I've been blowing up my downloads folder for the past week when I have some downtime, but not enough to actually "do" something. Maybe I should take her site in small doses, lol.

  9. Maisie, I recently did a major clean-up on my DL folder but I've been downloading like a maniac again so it's pretty much the same now, lol.