Monday, 20 September 2010

Hope it felt good

Round 13: Summer 2019
Brooke's last update/Charlie's last update/next update

Brooke Harper is 27 and Charlie Greene is 25.
(Tom is 26 and Dixie is 25.)

Narrated by Brooke Harper.

Things are going well with me and Charlie. It's like we never were apart.

Lately I've been feeling that maybe it's time for us to take the next step in our relationship. I've been dropping hints that I might want to get married before I turn 30 but Charlie usually just pretends that he doesn't understand what I'm talking about. He feels that we're still young and we shouldn't rush into things.

I know I shouldn't be too pushy. He's been really stressed lately without me pressuring him. He was fired some time ago because of some stupid argument with his boss.

He had to take a job as a mail carrier and he's not happy about it at all.

He has weekends off but he says he just gets bored at the apartment when I'm at work. He usually ends up cleaning the apartment and the dinner's always ready when I come home.

We're trying to save up money for a bigger apartment or a small house so instead of going out we usually invite friends over. We've become very close with Dixie and Tom because their life is pretty much in the same stage as ours. All our other siblings already have kids so they can't come over so often anymore.

Dixie has always been closest of Charlie's sisters to me. She's quite shy in a bigger crowd but you wouldn't know that when it's just the four of us hanging out together.

Most nights I sit in front of my computer though. I work full-time for the Gazette but I also write quite a lot of articles for other magazines as a freelancer.

Charlie usually works out in the living room while I write. He's determined to get back in the adventure field and I think he has his goal set on a job as a whitewater rafter. I just wish he could've picked a less dangerous dream career.

I have to admit that I usually get distracted when I see him shirtless and sweaty after his work-out.

I do feel bad for him when I see how he checks the magazine and the internet for any open jobs every day.

He gets so frustrated because he knows he's good at what he used to do and now he's stuck in this crappy job that he hates.

I tried to cheer him up by suggesting that we'd invite our parents over for dinner. Charlie agreed that it's about time that they all met. Our dads have barely met even though they've lived in the same town for about 45 years!

I've always felt like Bobbie wasn't very fond of me after Charlie and I got back together. I guess she was upset that I broke up with him but we had a good talk after dinner and I think things are a lot better now.

I know I talk about getting married but deep down inside I know that even if we never tie the knot it wouldn't matter that much. No other man could ever make me even half as happy as Charlie does and no proposal or wedding can change that.

  • Title reference: Hope if felt good by Nikka Costa. Doesn't make much sense for a title but I do love this song :)
  • I hate chance cards and the feeling is mutual! Charlie got fired due to a chance card. The adventurer career didn't come up in the job openings but I'll most likely cheat him back to that career later this round.
  • Brooke rolled the want for a baby but it rolled away pretty quickly. She's also talking a lot about marriage and babies so I'm taking this as a hint that she's thinking of more serious commitment. Neither of them have rolled the want to get engaged or married though.
  • I know that updates have been very rare lately but I've been busy with several RL issues. Things are certainly looking a lot brighter than they did just a few days ago but I might not be able to update more frequently in the future either. I'll try to squeeze in a play session whenever I can and update as often as possible.


  1. Aw, poor Charlie! I can't imagine delivering mail would be a very stimulating career for someone who wants to be whitewater rafting!

    Good on Brooke for not stressing too much about the marriage thing. If it happens though, she'll be the most stylish bride ever. Brooke always has the best clothes!

    I'm glad life is seeming a bit better for you now! :)

  2. Carla, thanks for reading :)

    Charlie's really not happy about his new job. He has this miserable look on his face every time he walks to his car pool.

    I always try to choose trendy clothes for Brooke because in my mind she's the kind of girl who follows fashion and always wants to look her best.

    Life is certainly looking better. I have an appointment with an internist about my thyroid problems on Friday and I'm a bit nervous but hopefully everything's fine.

  3. I like Brooke's outfit, but I like Brooke in general!
    And I love her and Charlie together, they are so sweet!
    I always love those family get togethers! It always looks so cosy to have to whole family around the dinnertable! I really should do those kind of things a lot more!

    I'm glad things in RL are a lot better now.
    And I really know what you mean about squeezing in play sessions!

  4. Tanja, Brooke and Charlie are definitely one of my favorite couples.

    Family reunions are great! If I'm bored with a family and don't know what to do with them then I'll just invite some of their relatives over :)

    Thanks :) I know I'm not the only one who has trouble finding time for their sims. Luckily they always wait for us, no matter how long it's been since the last play session.

  5. I was worried when I read the title of this one... made me think of cheating. Glad it wasn't that. Poor Charlie, he looked absolutely miserable in his mail carrier uniform.

    I'd get distracted with Charlie working out too!

    Are you going to wait to see if ether of them roll the marriage want?

  6. Maisie, I was wondering whether I should change the title but then I was too lazy to pick another one.

    Charlie doesn't enjoy his job but I'll probably cheat him back to the adventure career soon so he doesn't have to deliver mail anymore. The only time he looked happy going to work was when he and Brooke had just woohooed right before the car pool arrived ;)

    I think I'll wait at least one round to see if either of them rolls the want to get engaged or married. Then I'll probably just get them engaged anyway.