Monday, 27 September 2010

No excuses

Round 13: Summer 2019
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Stella Harris is 55, Finn is 14 and Deacon Burrows is 54.
(Niall is 24, Liv is 21 and Dawn is 15.)

School's out for the summer so Finn is allowed to spend more time with his girlfriend Dawn. She hasn't seen the Harris family's new house yet so Finn invites her over.

This is the first time that Stella meets his son's girlfriend. Dawn seems like a nice girl.

Stella lays down some rules though. "Finn isn't allowed to take girls upstairs to his room. You can raid the fridge and use the pool as much as you like but stay out of the bedrooms" Stella says. Dawn is trying to make a good impression so she listens carefully.

Finn is so embarrassed by his mom but Dawn doesn't seem to mind. It's not like they were going to jump to bed anyway.

They go out to the beach and build a sand castle instead. Dawn wonders if she could convince her parents to buy a house on the beach as well. On the other hand, she's leaving for college in a few years so it wouldn't affect her that much even if they moved.

Stella and Deacon are glad that Finn is such a level-headed boy. What they don't know is that he sometimes sneaks out late at night to hang out with his friends. They don't get into much trouble since they only hang out at the local beach and have bonfires but still they're underaged and shouldn't be out at that time of day.

Finn is old enough to have a job but he doesn't have to worry about that kind of stuff. His parents are loaded with money and they give him enough allowance so that he can have a burger or go to the movies sometimes.

Liv has no intentions of moving back home after she graduates but she visits her parents quite often nowadays. Sometimes it feels like the old times when she and Finn were just kids and were always playing and having fun together.

Liv asks Finn about his girlfriend and she's surprised to hear that their parents seemed to approve Dawn right away.

Liv gives her father an ultimatum. If he doesn't start treating her boyfriend better, she'll stop visiting.

"You always talk Niall down and I'm tired of hearing your excuses. Finn is much younger than I was when I started dating Niall but you don't seem to have any problem with him dating. Is it because his girlfriend is the senator's daughter?"

Deacon tries to convince Liv that Dawn's parents' status has nothing to do with it. He just has a bad feeling about this guy. He's only lived in the area for a few years and nobody seems to know anything about his past.

He finally gives in. "Fine, I'll meet the guy and try to get along with him" he says. He knows that he's just pushing Liv away by disapproving her boyfriend.

"Oh dad, you're the best. I'll call him and ask if he could come over right away."

Stella is pleased with how things are going. She was ready to interfere if Deacon didn't change his opinion. She doesn't understand why he's so reluctant about Liv dating Niall. He seems like a perfectly sweet guy and he makes Liv happy.

Deacon puts on his best behaviour when Niall comes over.

The conversation at the dinner table is somewhat awkward.

Finn is the perfect person to break the ice. He starts telling jokes and soon everyone relaxes. The rest of the dinner goes quite well and Deacon starts to think that maybe he's been too hard on Niall. He does seem like a nice guy and Liv obviously cares about him very much.

Liv is so happy that her father is finally coming to his senses. She's happy and that should be enough.

  • Title reference: No excuses by Alice In Chains
  • I moved this family into a beach house. It's pretty similar to their old house except with an indoor pool and obviously the beach. I'm planning to do lot tours of some of my sims' homes eventually but I don't have the time right now for anything extra.
  • I've always thought that Deacon was a bit snobbish so it would make sense that he would be more approving of Dawn than Niall. He did get along pretty well with Niall during the dinner though so maybe things are improving a bit.


  1. I'm glad Deacon finally did an efford and at least tryed to like Niall.
    I like their new house, and I'm looking forward to the lottours you're planning to give!

    I have 2 WCIF's, I would love that wallpaper, and Dawn's pants, I have been looking for nice bermuda's for teens, and don't seem to find them.

  2. I hope Deacon is wrong about Niall, but then again, parents don't always approve of their children's significant others.

  3. Good to see Deacon giving Niall a chance! There's no point alienating Liv without a good reason.

    The house looks awesome! An indoor pool? Wow, Finn is one lucky kid! He and Dawn are really cute together too.

    Did Stella and Deacon ever get married? I can't remember if they just live together or if they got married and she kept her maiden name.

  4. Thank you all for reading :)

    Tanja, it was about time Deacon made an effort. Liv and Niall have been dating for 3 years now and Deacon has treated him very badly.

    The wallpapers are by Donnha, either from her blog or from her TSR profile. TSR seems to be down (at least for me) so I can't link you there but her blog is here:

    Apple Valley, Niall hasn't given Deacon any reason to not trust him but I guess Deacon's just having a hard time accepting the fact that he's not the number one man in Liv's life anymore.

    Carla, I think Deacon kind of sees Niall as himself when he was younger. And he was bad. He's afraid that Niall will treat Liv as badly as he treated Stella.

    Yup, Stella and Deacon didn't look at the price tags when they were building this house. I was going to include pics of the indoor pool but forgot.

    Stella and Deacon got married in 1993 so they've been married for 26 years now. No wonder you don't remember, lol! She kept her maiden name because I felt that she would be the type to want to do that.

  5. Tanja, oops, I forgot your other WCIF! I think Dawn's pants are by migamoo at MTS but I couldn't find them. BUT, CatOfEvilGenius has just made similar ones. You can find them here:

  6. I'm glad he's going to give Niall a chance. They are cute together.

    I wanna live on a beach too... well not really I guess, cause then I'd drag in sand, but I like the idea of living on a beach! I hope to have a sim family be able to afford a beach home sometime soon, cause I love your photos! Looks fun!

  7. Maisie, it's about time. As I said to Apple Valley, Niall hasn't given Deacon any reason to treat him like this.

    I wanna live on the beach too but only if someone else cleans up the house, lol! I was afraid that the lot would be laggy but it ran very smoothly. It was fun to play too.