Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Money for nothing, 2019

The residents of Wellington weren't very pleased at first when governor Deacon Burrows announced that taxes would be collected every two years instead of four from now on. This year every family in Wellington will have to pay 10% of their household value.

On the other hand, everyone is impressed by the way he uses the tax money. In addition to the new hospital, Deacon has promised to build a military base and renovate the police station within a few years. The construction of the new elementary school will start next year.

Ben and Denise Cooper are relieved to hear that they only have to pay €200 this time. They are in the middle of moving into their new house and money is now even tighter than before.

Erin Fielding is even luckier: she gets a €700 refund! It's not a huge amount of money but it'll come in handy for a single mother going through law school.

The Greene family is one of the richest in Wellington so naturally they pay more taxes. Bobbie and Alexander don't seem to mind the €12,300 payment. They are just happy to see that their tax money is used for good.

Richest and poorest households in Wellington:

  1. Greene 1: €128,008
  2. Robinson 1: €127,348
  3. Whitfield 1: €107,378
  1. Fielding 2: - €5,696
  2. Greene-Harper 1: - €3,511
  3. Midlock 1: - €318

  • Title reference: Money for nothing by Dire Straits. I will use this title for all tax posts from now on.
  • I collect the information for taxes at the beginning of the tax year so Deacon and Stella got very lucky because they got big money in the spring. They both have about 2 million in their bank accounts now.
  • My poorest sims have debt, that's why their household values are negative.
  • I might switch back to collecting taxes every four years if it seems that this is too much for my sims. I want them to struggle financially but not too much!


  1. Reading your post about taxes made me realize that my sims have taxseason comming up next round!
    You have some rich families!

    Do you know there is a part missing at your notes? You started a sentence and then it stops...

  2. Tanja, most of my families don't have a lot of money. Even the rich ones are mostly rich because they own big houses.

    Oops, thanks for telling me about the sentence. I have no idea what I had planned to write so I took it out. Note to self: don't write updates after midnight ;)

  3. Very interesting, I might have to alter Apple Valley's taxes since I think my simmies are at the point where some of them are struggling...but I still haven't gotten it to the point I want yet.

  4. Apple Valley, I have changed Wellington's tax system a few times and I'm finally happy with it now. I'll keep a close eye on my sims' finances so that they don't go into too much debt. Some of my sims have huge mortgages and I doubt if they'll ever be able to pay them.

  5. I'm excited to see the new military base and grade school! At least the governor is using the money for something good instead of cashing it to himself.

  6. Maisie, me too! I mean, I haven't built them yet. The military base is about 40% done but I haven't even started on the elementary school.

    Deacon has caused enough scandals in Wellington, he knows he needs to behave now ;)

  7. I always forget to check if my Sims are in debt when I do the taxes! I really need to pay attention to that - no wonder some of my Sims are so poor!

    Looking forward to seeing the new school and military base. Are you completely rebuilding the school? And is this the same military base that you posted a picture of a while ago?

  8. Carla, I always check whether they have money on their bank accounts or if they have loans. I deduct the loans from the household funds.

    The old school is getting too small so I'm building a completely new one. I just can't seem to get started. The military base is the same! It's been sitting unfinished for a long time but I'm hoping to get it done soon. It just needs some furniture and some landscaping but I've waiting for an inspiration to do that ;)