Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Grundstrom-Robinson wedding

Round 13: Autumn 2020

Tina Grundstrom is 32 and Kurt Robinson is 64.

Tina and Kurt are waiting in their apartment for a taxi to take them to Town Hall. They're already anxious to go and make their relationship official.

Tina is 9 months pregnant and ready to pop any minute so they decided to have a very small ceremony with just a few guests. Kurt's children Jack, Grace and Frieda as well as Jack's wife Paige and Grace's husband Sam are attending the wedding. Tina and Kurt will throw a party for all their friends and family after the baby is born and they're settled into their new life.

Kurt has trouble placing the ring on Tina's finger because her hands are swollen but he manages to do it eventually.

It's much easier for Tina to put a ring on Kurt's finger. The ceremony is over pretty quickly and they are announced husband and wife.

Ryland Whitfield is one of the first to congratulate the happy couple. Tina and Kurt will remember this day as their wedding day but for Ryland this is the day that he leaves the Town Hall. He is retiring from his position as a Senator and has come to clean out his office. Congratulating his old friend is a great way to end his career in the town government.

Grace has gotten over the shock of getting a stepmother younger than her so she's sincere when she welcomes Tina to the family. Seeing a smile on her father's face is enough to make her like Tina.

Even governor Deacon Burrows stops by to congratulate the couple before he heads off to his last meeting with Ryland.

Tina and Kurt cut the wedding cake and sit down for a while with their guests. Tina is feeling quite exhausted already so Kurt calls a taxi and they head back to their apartment.

Tina and Kurt spend the evening cuddling on the sofa by the fireplace. Everything is ready for their baby to arrive.

  • Here it is, the last update for Round 13. I'll get the round summary online tomorrow as well as the ROS for Round 14. I'll update the profiles and the school enrollment info as well as put up new play schedule in a couple of days.
  • My game has become unbearable over the last couple of days, thanks to a downloading spree last weekend. I'm going to take some time to clean out some of my CC in hopes of getting my game to work better. I'll try to play as much as possible too.


  1. Wow, Tina is HUGE! Is it only one baby in there? Goodness, poor lady :)

  2. Apple Valley, yes, only one baby who btw is born already but the update won't go online for a few days.

    I like having pregnant morphs for all those Maxis meshes but they're way too big. I wish I knew how to do meshes so I could fix them.

  3. compressorizer is your friend!

    The deco was so pretty!

  4. What a nice wedding for these two, and I'm glad that everyone went in and congratulated and were sincere in their well wishes. I'm looking forward to seeing the baby in a few days. I agree about the pregnancy meshes looking big, they look great with twins, but are a bit over the top for singletons.

  5. Laurel Crossing, most of my downloads are already compressorized but that's a good tip though. I wonder how much CC I would have uncompressorized *add horrified smiley here*

    Thank you for reading :)

    Maisie, thank you, I think the wedding looked nice too. It meant a lot for Kurt that all her children attended the wedding, even Jack though he was a bit more reluctant than the others.

    I should have the birthdays update online hopefully on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    It really looks like Tina's having twins or triplets, doesn't it? I wonder if I could teach myself some basic meshing so that I could tone down those huge bellies.

  6. Aw, a very sweet wedding! In that second picture, Kurt looks totally proud to have all of his family there wishing him and Tina well.

    I'm glad the shock has worn off for Grace, at least. I'm looking forward to seeing how this family gets on once the baby gets here and everyone is all settled in.

  7. I echo the fact that Tina is huge. She DOES look ready to pop!

    Lovely wedding. I hope they'll be happy together.

  8. Carla, thank you. I like having these small weddings, especially since my PC likes them too ;) Kurt really looks proud, doesn't he?

    I have their update scheduled for Summer 2021 so it's not that far away... except with my speed it'll probably take months!

    heredoncove, for a moment I played with the idea that Tina would go into labor in the middle of the wedding but then I decided not to.

    I hope they'll be happy too.

  9. What a nice wedding. Tina and Kurt look happy together! I'm glad accepted the idea of having a stepmother who is younger then she is.

    I can't wait to meet their baby :)

  10. I have a question; how did you deside that Deacon would be governor?

  11. Tanja, thank you. I'm glad everything went well and nobody caused a scene. I bet Kurt was afraid that Jack wouldn't attend the wedding but he did :)

    Deacon's been the governor for 4 years now and just started his second term. I think I just decided that Wellington needed a governor and Deacon was the most obvious choice. I was gonna do an election this year but then Denise Cooper got pregnant again and I couldn't really think of anyone else who would want to run so Deacon got his second term pretty easily.