Saturday, 22 January 2011

Wellington Gazette, Winter 2021

by Brooke Harper

Deacon Burrows will serve a second term as governor of Wellington. The 56-year-old business tycoon continues in the position automatically after he got no opponents in the election.

Just a few months ago the election was believed to become a tight race between Burrows and City Council member Denise Cooper but she decided not to run and is focusing on her family instead. Cooper praised Burrows in her statement saying that he has done a tremendous job in developing Wellington.

Deacon Burrows's expertise in the business world has improved the town's finances up to a point where he announced that the government will not collect taxes this year. The next tax year is in 2023. Burrows says that he will continue to improve the schools and also start a major overhaul of Brixton University on his second term.

City Council 2021-2024

Deacon Burrows
Denise Cooper
Elissa Cooper
Grace Cooper
Sam Cooper
Bobbie Greene
Amabelle Harper
Nyah Marlowe
Rianna Midlock

  • I really was going to organize a proper election but I couldn't come up with any other candidates. I had already decided that Denise wouldn't run even before she got pregnant again. I don't think she's the kind of person to take on such a time-consuming position while her youngest kids are still so small.
  • The City Council consists of sims on the highest position in the following careers: Architecture, Education, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Medicine and Military. Also any sim that's in the Political career is a member of City Council. I might never even mention the City Council in my updates but I wrote down the members just in case.


  1. The Coopers sure are running things! Congrats to Deacon.

  2. LaurelCrossing, yeah, I didn't even realize how well the Coopers are doing until I started writing down names for the City Council!

  3. Heh, I thought the same thing about the Coopers! That's a powerful family, lol. I really need to get on creating a little council for my own Sims. I keep saying I'll do it and I never do. I'll copy your method, because it sounds easy and it makes a lot of sense too. ;)

    Congratulations to Deacon! I can't wait to see the work he's going to do this term.

  4. Carla, finally, I've done something that makes sense, lol! The reason why both Nyah and Rianna are in City Council (in case anyone was wondering) is that they're sharing the highest position in Education at the moment.

    Deacon has a busy four years ahead of him with the revamp of the university and other projects.

  5. Congrats to Deacon. I'm loving the news clipping look.

  6. heredoncove, thanks :) I like using the Wellington Gazette for news and announcements.

  7. I will just say what everybody else said; lots of Coopers in the City council :)

    Congratulations to Deacon Burrows, I'm looking forward to what he will be doing this term.

  8. Tanja, the Coopers rule Wellington! I think Deacon's main project for this term is the overhaul of Brixton University. Hopefully I'll get it started soon.

  9. I love your Wellington Gazette and your process for deciding on city council members. I wrote it down as well even though I don't have anyone in most of those careers yet lol.

  10. Danielle, thanks. I really like using the newspaper to announce this kind of stuff. I use townies for the city council if I don't have playables in all careers. Or I just leave the position open until someone enters that career.

    Thanks for reading. :)