Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Happy Birthday, Winter 2021

Denise and Ben already have 3 boys so they're hoping that this baby is a girl. They'll find out in the summer but they'll be happy either way.

Janie and Danny are expecting their third child, also due in the summer. They're currently looking for a bigger house or apartment because their current apartment is way too small for their growing family.

Tina and Kurt got married very recently and now they got their best wedding gift. Tina gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Timothy Nigel Robinson. They're calling him Tim for short.

Kurt also has a new grandchild since his daughter-in-law Paige gave birth to a baby girl just a few days before Timothy was born. Jack and Paige named their daughter Emma Christine.

Patsy and Camryn are over the moon with joy now that they've got their twins Jared Mitchell and Hanna Maria home with them. Mia is very excited about being a big sister but also kind of disappointed when she realizes that all the babies do right now is eat, sleep and poop.

Jena Harper has her 1st birthday and looks a lot like her father.

Paloma Lind turns 4 and will start pre-school this year. Her parents have just told her that she's going to get a little sister or brother in the autumn!

Sara Midlock has her 12th birthday and becomes a high school student. She wants to become a Media Magnate some day but also make out with a lot of boys.

  • What a kick-off for round 14! 4 new babies and one more pregnancy announcement. Phoebe and Samuel finally got pregnant after trying for so long.
  • No hospital scenes this time, I barely got through playing these births because my game keeps crashing and crashing.
  • I've updated the playable NPC's post with a new family portrait for the Linds.


  1. All the babies look wonderful and those are beautiful baby outfits, WCIF thos lovely onesies that allow different outfits? Yay! Phoebe and Samuel are getting a baby, I was so sad for them after the adoption fell through.

  2. Janie and Danny's family picture is too adorable for words. I'm so glad Phoebe and Samuel are having another baby. They must have been so disappointed when the adoption fell through.

    4 new babies! I somehow didn't realise they were all due at once! I love Hanna Maria - such a pretty combination. But yeah, I want to know how you did different outfits too! At first I thought the pictures were in different game sessions but then I noticed that the twins are wearing different colours too.

    All the birthday girls are so, so cute.

  3. I adore Janie and Danny's photo! I can't believe how many babies there are now, and with another one coming to the mix! It's going to be a busy/fun classroom in a few years. Here's hoping the fourth time is the charge for Denise, and she gets a little girl this time.

  4. Apple Valley, the baby outfits are all by TheRaven from the Moonlight Dragon forums. The ones I'm using are here:

    You should check out the whole "Infant outfits" section (and other TheRaven's downloads), lots of choices in there. I think you need to register in order to be able to download though.

    I'm so happy for Phoebe and Samuel too although I'm already horrified at the thought of all these babies in one class in a few years!

    Carla, I like that picture of Janie and Danny and the kids a lot too. I felt so bad for Phoebe and Samuel that I let them try for a baby again even though we have plenty of babies for this year already.

    Check out my answer to AppleValley about the baby outfits.

    Maisie, 7 births this year! It's going to be murder (for me) to play these kids at school, lol.

    I'm having kind of mixed feelings now about Denise and Ben's baby. It would be great if they got a girl but on the other hand it would be kind of cool to have a family with four boys.

  5. Oh thanks, Sari! I downloaded a bunch of those infant outfits! :D

  6. Carla, you're welcome. I hadn't checked out the outfits for some time so I ended up downloading a lot of new ones too. Too bad we can only use two at a time.

  7. Yay, 4 new babies!! I can't wait to see them all grow up!

    Great shot of Janie and Danny and the kids! Looks very homey.

    Great looking sims in Wellington!

  8. Tanja, I can't wait either. I'm anxious to see if Emma gets "the Robinson nose" as well like her father and big brother and aunt Grace.