Friday, 7 January 2011

The other side

Round 13: Autumn 2020
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Cal and Elissa Cooper are 58 and Josh is 15. 
(Ben is 42 and Lilly is 15.)

Narrated by Josh Cooper.

Lilly and I have been dating for about two years now and I'm more than ready to take the next step. Unfortunately she seems quite happy just holding hands and watching tv together. I've brought up the subject of sex and she always says she's not ready but I've figured that maybe she'll give in if I keep trying. It feels like everyone else is doing it and I'm still a virgin.

The other night she was over while my parents were still at work. We cuddled on the sofa and when mom got home we went to my room.

She pushed me away when I tried to make out with her and said that she's sick of me trying to pressure her to have sex. I don't understand what's the big deal. I said that to her and she got really angry.

"What's the big deal?! You don't think that losing my virginity is a big deal? It's not like I can get it back if I regret it later!" she said and stormed out.

Mom hadn't heard us fighting so she and dad were completely unaware of the state of our relationship. They said they'd invite my brothers and their families over on Saturday and said I should invite Lilly as well.

"I haven't seen her in ages" mom said. "You never invite her over when we're home which is a shame because she's such a nice girl."

I told them that we had a fight and we're not exactly talking to each other at the moment. Dad looked pretty disappointed. He's been lecturing me about treating girls right and obviously he now thinks that the fight was all my fault.

I wanted to get something else to think about so I went to Generation X to play games. I thought with any luck I would either meet some of my friends or Lilly would come there and we would make up.

I was talking to this cute blonde girl called Olivia who is Zach Whitfield's girlfriend so it was all innocent. She suddenly looked over my shoulder and said: "Isn't that your girlfriend? Boy, she doesn't look too happy."

It was Lilly and she looked like I was about to commit a horrible crime. I guess she thought that I was hitting on Olivia which, to be honest, might have happened if she hadn't walked in. I managed to talk to her long enough to say that my parents wanted her to come over on Saturday for a little family gathering. She said she would come but I had a feeling she still wanted my head on a plate.

Everything seemed pretty normal on Saturday. My brothers came over and brought their wives and kids so the apartment was full of people. I was sitting at the table with mom, Danny and Denise when I suddenly noticed that Lilly had arrived. She was talking to dad and I was hoping she wasn't telling him that I had been a complete jerk lately.

I went to give her a hug and she barely wrapped her arms around me. I tried to talk to her but she wouldn't say anything.

"Look, I think we both need some time to think about what we want to do..." she said quietly so that others wouldn't hear us. I asked if she was breaking up with me and she said she wasn't but the way she said it didn't make me feel any better.

She left almost immediately but luckily everyone was busy ooh'ing and aww'ing Danny and Janie's kids and little Brady so they didn't notice that Lilly left so quickly.

I tried to act as normal as possible and played with the kids even though I was just thinking about Lilly all the time. Bridget and Lucas are so small that it's easy to keep them entertained just by making some silly faces.

I had a chance to talk to Ben when everyone else went outside to the playground with the kids. I told him all about the fight with Lilly and asked him what I should do.

He looked at me and said that it all comes down to what I want.

"Do you want to have meaningless sex with some girl you hardly know or are you going to respect your girlfriend enough to wait until she's ready" he said. "Do you honestly think it's right to pressure her into doing something she doesn't want to do? Besides, don't you want to have your first time with someone you really care about?"

He also reminded me that the first time is a big deal.

I realized that I've finally achieved something that has always seemed impossible: my big brothers have stopped treating me like a child. But I'm not sure I like the responsibilities that come with being treated like a grown-up.

I decided that I would stop pressuring Lilly and try to be patient. I don't want to break up with her, I love her! So I'm just going to grit my teeth and concentrate on school work. After all, I only have 2 years of school left before hopefully going to college.

  • Title reference: The other side by Pendulum.
  • Josh is a Romance sim so I figured he'd want sex asap. I think Lilly on the other hand would want to wait. Probably not until marriage but until she's a bit older anyway. They haven't broken up but they're not in the clear yet.
  • Only two updates left and then I can kiss this round goodbye, finally!


  1. That was so easy to read in the sense that I could actually believe that Lilly and Josh would respond that way. I'm glad they're still together and that Josh got some great advice. Hopefully he'll be able to wait a bit more.

  2. Josh is lucky Lilly didn't completely dump him right then and there, like my Susannah did to Malcolm when she was in the same situation.

    I'm glad Ben had a heart-to-heart with Josh - I hope he pays attention. It sounds like he's going to. When the time comes (or if it comes, I guess, seeing you said they're not in the clear yet), it should be something they both want, not something Josh has pressured Lilly into.

  3. Thanks for reading :)

    Apple Valley, I'm glad you liked it. I tried to get inside a teenage boy's psyche, lol. Let's hope that Josh really has the patience but only time will tell.

    Carla, I remembered it was pretty much the same for Susannah and Malcolm. I think Lilly tries the ultimatum first but if Josh won't change his ways then she might just dump him.

    I hope that Josh really thinks about what Ben said. I think he wants to respect Lilly's choice but then again he's driven by his hormones so... One thing is for sure though. If he cheats on Lilly then she will definitely dump him.

  4. Lilly seems like a patient girl, not dumping him right away. But since she didn't I'm hoping the 2 can work it out.
    It was nice that Josh can go to his brother with his problems, and that he listens to his advice and acts like it!

  5. Tanja, Lilly is a patient girl but she won't tolerate any bullshit from Josh again. It's a really delicate situation at the moment. Hopefully Josh has learned his lesson.

    I think it's great that Josh and Ben got along so well. Their age difference is ridiculous and they've never even lived in the same house!

    Thank you for reading :)