Monday, 30 January 2012

Round 14 summary

Round 14 is finally over! Let's take a look at what happened...

Births: 6 (Hanna and Jared Greene, Emma Robinson, Tim Robinson, Tate Cooper and Molly Greene-Cooper)

Deaths: 0

Engagements: 2 (Eve Midlock and Nicholas Thayer, Brooke Harper and Charlie Greene)

Marriages: 2 (Dixie Greene and Tom Patterson, Erin Fielding and Toby Parker)

Break-ups: 3 (Liv Harris and Niall Christiansen, Olivia Holden and Zach Whitfield, Eve Midlock and Nicholas Thayer)

Graduations: 2 (Stephen Marlowe, Eve Midlock)

New residents: 1 (Eve Midlock)

Total population: 79 (39 females, 40 males)
Babies: 0
Toddlers: 10
Children: 16
Teens: 9
Adults: 35
Elders: 9


  1. Seeing this summary makes me realise that there are still 2 more weddings to come, and I can't wait :)

    6 new babies this round, I can't wait to see them grow up :)

    1. Actually there's only one wedding coming up because Eve and Nicholas broke up so they're definitely not getting married. But I'm really looking forward to Brooke and Charlie's wedding, I just have to find a venue for them.

      It's going to be one huge class when these kids start school. Especially when you add the Lind twins who aren't included in the round summary.

      Thanks for reading. :)