Monday, 18 March 2013

Our love is easy

Round 15: March 2024

Dawn Whitfield is 20, Finn Harris is 19 and Shea Harris is 4.
(Jackie and Ryland are 73, Zach is 20 and Lilly is 19.)

Narrated by Finn Harris.

Dawn and I both have classes in the evening this semester so I've been able to continue in my job. Dawn usually lets me sleep as late as possible so she fixes breakfast for Shea and walks her to the school bus.

A quick breakfast and a quick kiss is all I have time for before I head off to work. I'll have to find another job for next semester because I'll have my classes during the day instead of evenings. Dawn keeps telling me that I should just concentrate on my studies and stop working but I know that we have use for any extra money I can get. In a couple of years we'll need to find a place to live and I really don't want to go live with either of our parents.

We have the nanny looking after Shea while we go to our classes. Shea always wishes that her uncle Zach could babysit her but we've explained to her that he's busy with his own studies. She likes the nanny though so it's not a big problem. She's a very outgoing girl and usually gets along with everyone anyway.

We try to spend as much time with Shea in the evenings as possible. We always have dinner together and she tells what cool things she did at school that day. Everything about school is "cool" at the moment.

I don't know where Shea got her love for sports but she insists watching football whenever there's a game on. I'm not a great sports enthusiast but I usually watch it with her. Her hero is Liv's ex-boyfriend Niall who's the star player of Wellington United. She got to know Niall a little bit while he and Liv were dating so naturally she wants to watch him play.

Dawn and I take turns in reading a bedtime story for Shea. I finally get to do my school work when Shea is asleep. Reading the bedtime story is one of my favourite things to do so I wouldn't trade it for the world - even if it means I have to stay up late to stay on top of my studies.

I have to work on Saturdays so I don't get to meet our friends as much as I'd like to. Zach, Lilly and Josh often come over if they haven't gone home to see their parents for the weekend. They all live in the same dorm and they all hate it. They say there's no privacy and some of the other students cause a lot of drama. Lilly and Josh have been talking about renting a house next year but Zach says he'll probably stay in the dorm.

"I'll probably spend most of my time at the faculty anyway so it doesn't really matter where I sleep" he joked.

Dawn and Lilly have been best friends since they were in diapers so they usually spend a good portion of the day gossiping. Zach is convinced that Lilly gossips about his lovelife - which he says is now non-existing - because Dawn always knows about girls he's been flirting with. I know Dawn only wants to see her brother happy but I also know that Zach is definitely not looking for a commitment right now.

"I know you guys are over the moon being this little family but it's not for me... not right now anyway" he says and I get it. I think Dawn gets it as well but she finds it extremely funny to tease him about his love life and see him squirm.

Shea adores him and no wonder. He's a great uncle. He always has time to play catch or throw American football with her, no matter how much work he has waiting for him.

Dawn's parents invited us over for Sunday brunch and we dragged Zach along with us. I know his parents are putting quite a lot of pressure on him because they still don't think he's serious about this whole "doctor business" as Ryland calls it. Zach says it's because they still see him as the slacker he was when he was a teenager. I think they should cut him some slack - the guy is working his butt off and is doing really well.

I get along pretty well with the in-laws. I don't think they liked me very much in the beginning. I understand now that I think about it. If Shea got pregnant at 15 then I don't think I would like the guy very much either. I know Ryland would want us to get married but honestly, we're still in college and we are a family, married or not.

Shea loves her grandparents - both sets - but I think she enjoys visiting Jackie and Ryland more because they have two dogs. Every time we go there we have to listen to the "can I get a dog?" pleads for the next few days. We really can't have a dog right now but we've promised that maybe in a few years we could get a pet if she still wants to.

Jackie had some news during brunch. She said she would be retiring from her restaurant Café Carousel in a couple of years.

"I'll be 75 by then and too old to be working as a chef. This schedule will give Dawn enough time to get ready to take the reigns after I quit."

Dawn and I were both quite surprised because we had always thought that the transfer would happen some time in the vague future.

"You'll do great" Zach said. Jackie gave him a warm smile and nodded.

"And you know, Dawn, if you give anyone food poisoning then Dr Zach will be there to cure them" she said and we all laughed.

Grades, spring semester 2024:
- Dawn, culinary arts (art), A+, GPA 3.8
- Finn, entrepreneurial studies (economics), A+, GPA 3.5

  • Title reference: Our love is easy by Melody Gardot.
  • Finn has his classes from 12pm to 3pm next semester so he had to get a new job. He now works as a Gold Caddy from 5am to 10am.
  • I've always planned to let Dawn take over Café Carousel and I think 2026 will the perfect year for that. Shea will be a bit older, Dawn will have a degree and more experience and Jackie can dedicate her time for her grandchildren.


  1. They're such a cute little family. How did you get the nanny into everyday clothes? I am so so so very very very excited about Dawn taking over :) can't wait to see if she makes some changes or not and what she'll bring to the business.

    1. They are really cute and so much fun to play.

      The nanny's outfit is a default replacement from MTS:

      I can't wait for Dawn taking over! I think she might do some changes but that depends on how the restaurant is doing and if she has any money to make changes.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  2. Owning Cafe Carousel will be great for Dawn, I think. It's a huge amount of work she's taking on but it's also going to be a wonderful asset for her and Finn and later for Shea.

    I wasn't sure how Finn and Dawn would do once they started living together as a family but I'm so glad it's gone well for them. They seem really happy and committed to making things work. :)

    1. I think Dawn is going to do a superb job with Café Carousel. She'll have Finn to help her too and I'm hoping that one day Shea will take over.

      I was thinking that maybe it's going too well for Finn and Dawn but I didn't want to make up any drama for them - they'll have to do it themselves first. I think they've gotten used to living together now and are really enjoying it.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  3. Glad things are working out well for Finn and Dawn, and for Shea - its a nice change to have some drama-free families :)

    1. I'm really happy for Finn, Dawn and Shea, they have become a real family over the past year or so.

      I feel like there's been so much drama this round already so these kinds of play sessions are more than welcomed.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  4. Happy to see that Dawn and Finn are doing well, and Shea is adorable! They really have a great thing going for them, and her taking over Cafe Carousel will be wonderful for her! I'm glad that they are able to continue towards their dreams despite their rough start having a baby so early.

    The poodle cracks me up! I have never had a poodle in my game, but yours makes me want too, how funny is that little dog!

    Glad that Zach is working hard, I hope that his parents let up some, and recognize the effort he's putting into it.

    1. I always love seeing my sims rise above their problems. Things could have gotten a lot worse for Dawn and Finn but they've pushed through. I love playing them so much.

      The poodles are adorable in game! Jackie and Ryland have two, Fifi and Marcel.

      I think Jackie and Ryland want the best for their children which sometimes comes across as putting a lot of pressure on them. I know it makes Zach work even harder because he wants to prove them he's not a slacker.

      Thanks for reading. :)