Monday, 23 March 2015

Happy Birthday, January 2026

Mia Greene turns 12 this year and is one of the three new students in Wellington High School. Mia is very family-oriented but she also has her sights set on a career as an artist.

Jett Marlowe joins Mia at Wellington High School. Jett is a very determined young man who seeks knowledge and wishes to become a medical doctor when he grows up.

Another new high school student is Jett's twin sister Kyra. Like Mia, Kyra is also very family-oriented and can't wait to have her own kids and grandkids. She can't wait to have 6 grandchildren to call her "nana".

Aaron Hayes starts as a Freshman at Brixton University this year. He's joined Wellington Armed Forces' ROTC program and majors in Political Science. Aaron gained 60 WAS points which would have equaled to half-tuition if his studies weren't paid by the army.

Emily Midlock has chosen Architecture as her major and with her scholarship she only pays half-tuition. She gained 59 WAS points.

Frieda Robinson doesn't really know what to study so she hasn't declared a major just yet. She joined the Brixton United soccer team which knocks off half of her tuition. Frieda gained 56 WAS points.

The Whitfield twins Dawn and Zach have graduated university. They both feel like the past four years have just flown by.

Finn and Shea join Dawn on her special day.

Jackie and Ryland couldn't be prouder of Dawn and Zach. They both graduated with 3.7 GPA.

Dawn will continue to live on campus until next year when it's Finn's turn to graduate. She now works in her mother's restaurant Café Carousel in Wellington.

For Zach studying is not nearly over because he has been accepted to medical school with flying colours. He now lives in a small apartment in Exmoor and has taken a job as a Security Guard to pay the rent.


As promised here is a picture of what Ethan Hayes would have looked like as an adult if he got to live past 15. He and Aaron looked so much alike but I don't think they were 100% identical.


  • As you can see, I've changed the banner! This one features Jeremy Hayes, one of my favourite sims at the moment.
  • Zach was my guinea pig for the postgraduate admissions system. The minimum UAS (Undergraduate Aptitude Score) points required to enroll is 30 and Zach got 39 so he really passed all tests and interviews fairly easily. I have updated the University Admissions post with the info about UAS points. Zach now lives in the same apartment building with Stephen and Kaitlyn.
  • I have a clear idea of a career for Frieda and have pretty much decided her major already but she hasn't figured it out yet so she naturally hasn't declared a major either.
  • I really need to download some nosemasks because Rianna, Denise, Dawn, Emily and Sara all look the same. I think if they all ever end up in one picture together my head will explode and/or the universe will come to an end, LOL.
  • I've been toying with the idea of completely ignoring lifetime wants because some of them are just insane and I feel the career ones are too restricting. I mean, my sims can choose whatever career fits them best, not just the one in their LTW. And don't even get me started on those "woohoo with 20 different sims", "have 50 1st dates" and other similar wants. I don't think I even have enough available sims for someone to complete that first date LTW. And even if I did I wouldn't have the will (or energy) to send a sim on 50 dates. Ok, I'm ending my rant now but basically sometimes lifetime wants suck. ;)


  1. The 50st dates is a real hard one to do. How you play is all up to you and your sims.

    1. Yes, that's exactly what I think too. My sims seem to reach perma-plat even without achieving their LTW anyway so nowadays it doesn't really affect my gameplay much. I think of it more like a guideline for what kind of a "person" the sim is, not like something that they have to achieve no matter what.

      Wow, I seem to have a lot to say about this. Apparently I have a lot of built-up LTW anxiety, LOL.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. Jett and Kyra look more alike than any of my boy/girl twins ever have. Wow! LOL at Kyra's LTW - I like a girl who thinks ahead!

    Aaron got super-hot overnight! Ethan would have been really handsome as well, though you really see they weren't identical. Frieda and Emily look great too. Can't wait to see their adventures at college. :)

    Can I ask WCIF Dawn and Zach's new hairstyles? Always looking for more curly styles for guys!

    I ignore LTWs when it suits me. ;) It generally suits me to ignore "50 First Dates" and "20 Woohoos", so I generally do. ;)

    1. Jett and Kyra really look like each other, I think the only difference between them is their chins. I always find that LTW very funny because it's so insane for a 12-year-old to think that way.

      Aaron aged up really well and he doesn't look at all what I excepted. I can't wait to play them because there was some interesting action going on during the 10 game minutes it took me to get them settled into their dorm rooms.

      Of course you can ask! Dawn's hair is here:

      Zach's hair is here:
      BTW I found the link to Zach's hair from your pinterest so you might have it already.

      Oh yeah, I definitely ignore LTWs but lately they've really started to bother me. I can't even get the reduced LTWs hack to work so I get all the really extreme ones.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

    2. Thanks, Sari! Funny that you found Zach's hair on my Pinterest - I didn't recognise it. It's not one I've actually added, obviously.

      Now cue me opening my downloads folder and seeing it staring me in the face. ;)

    3. LOL. You're welcome. :)