Friday, 6 March 2015

Good to me

Round 16: October 2025

Max Fielding is 69 and Regan is 61.
(Patrick is 78 and Amabelle is 70.)

Narrated by Regan.

Max and I are in a really good place right now. We both work a lot less and have more time for each other. Max decided to retire from the tv show and concentrate on Music Maximum. I only work three days a week now so we have plenty of time to spend together.

I've taken on new hobbies now that I don't spend every awake moment at work. Lilly left her synthesizer here so I've been learning to play. I like fishing too and it would be a waste not to since we have a pond in our own backyard. Cooking is something that I enjoy but I'm not very good at it. But hey, it's not like I won the culinary Nobel prize, right?!

Working less also means that we get to meet our friends more. I really like it when we invite everyone over and do a little BBQ and just hang out. I noticed that Patrick and Amabelle seemed pretty close the last time they came over. I didn't get to ask if they're together or not but at least they were both smiling which just makes me very happy.


  • Title reference: Good to me by Audrey Assad.
  • I wrote about this on Twitter already: you'll probably see more of these short updates in the future. I've been struggling to find the time and especially the inspiration to write long updates for some time now. Sometimes it's just so hard to come up with what to write especially with households that don't have a lot going on. I still like to write the "traditional" updates when I feel like it so I'm not ditching that style completely either. This way I enjoy my game more and I'm able to play (and blog) at a faster pace.
  • As mentioned, Max retired from his job. He was a judge on Battle of the Bands and I figured he'd probably feel like it's a job for someone younger. He still has Music Maximum which is doing really well so it's not like he has stopped working completely.
  • Patrick and Amabelle hooked up the last time I played the Harper family (April 2025). I didn't know if it would be a one time thing or develop into something so I didn't write about it then. Especially since the update was done from Alexa's POV and I doubt her mom would've told her.


  1. Aw, it's nice to see Max and Regan doing so well! I love their little gathering with all their friends. :) It should be interesting to see how Amabelle and Patrick's relationship develops. Elder romance can be quite sweet.

    1. Max and Regan were acting like a young couple. They rolled a lot of wants for each other and were being all romantic. Regan seems a lot more relaxed now that she's gotten to the top of her career.

      I'm really happy for Patrick and Amabelle, they both deserve to be happy and feel loved. They're not officially dating yet but I think they're going into that direction.

      Thanks for your comment. :)