Monday, 30 March 2015

Rivers and roads

Round 16: January 2026
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Jack Robinson is 43, Paige is 42, Todd is 14 and Emma is 5.
(Grace is 43 and Skye is 14.)

Narrated by Jack.

I had to hire a new worker because the cashier I had at Farmer's Market wasn't so thrilled at working on the farm. I'm quite happy about the change though because Paula really seems to enjoy working here and that's always a plus. It's much nicer to work with someone who doesn't complain about getting dirt under their nails or having to stay outside all day. She comes by the farm two or three times a week. We always invite her inside for breakfast first before heading out to the greenhouse.

She doesn't have much experience in gardening but what she lacks in skills she more than compensates with her enthusiasm for learning. It's taken a heavy load off of my shoulders to have someone help me with the crops.

When I was looking for a new employee I tried to find someone who could commit to the business. I don't mean they can't have their own life outside of work but I wanted someone who wouldn't be looking for a new job in a couple of months. Paula on the other hand was looking for a steady job and doesn't have any big career plans so it's pretty much a occupational match made in heaven.

Paula needs a lot of practice on the cash machine but luckily the customers don't mind that she's kind of slow. I'm so happy with how things are going with the farm and the Farmer's Market. I only wish mom could see how far we've come since she started the farm.

Eventually I'd like for Todd to start working on the farm. He's 14 now and mostly wants to concentrate on his very first girlfriend. I'm fine with that. Skye's a nice girl and I think she brings out the better qualities in Todd. Paige and I are on the same page about working though. In a year or two he'll either have to help on the farm after school or get a part-time job elsewhere. We want our kids to learn that money doesn't grow on trees so they'll get to know what it feels like to earn your own money from a young age.

I haven't given Todd's job much thought though because I've had other things on my mind. Paige had been feeling ill for a couple of weeks and it went as far as almost fainting at work. I finally convinced her to see a doctor.

She booked an appointment with Grace and I went with her. Grace listened to all the symptoms and then said that they'd do some tests first and work from there.

Nurse Danielle Holt took Paige to her station to get the tests done while I waited outside Grace's office. I was trying to stay positive but I was very worried.

Some of the tests were finished pretty quickly because Grace soon called for us to come into her office again.

"Well, we've definitely found out what is going on. You are having a baby" Grace said and smiled.

We were both shocked and surprised but in a good way. I guess we should've figured it out ourselves but Paige has always had problems getting pregnant and since she's already 42 we thought it just wouldn't happen. We haven't used birth control because we didn't think she'd get pregnant.

Grace explained to us that there are some risks when it comes to Paige's age but that she would be monitored closely during the whole pregnancy. She did recommend that Paige should stop working immediately especially since she's had some stomach cramps.

It was quite hard to keep a straight face and not tell the kids because especially Todd has noticed that his mom hasn't been feeling so well lately. Paige doesn't want to tell the kids yet because it's still so early and things could go wrong. So she just muttered something about a stomach bug and that was it.

I don't think we can keep it a secret for long though because she really isn't feeling well. She's constantly feeling nauseated and she also gets stomach cramps very easily. It's a tricky situation because we don't want the kids to worry too much about her but it would be a nightmare if we told them about the baby and then lost it. I can barely keep it together because I'm so worried about Paige.

Luckily Todd got something else to think about. He had bought a lottery ticket and won over €5,000! He's over the moon and said he'll save the money for his driving license and a car when he turns 16.

I was pretty terrified at first about a new baby but I guess we've done alright with the two we have already.


  • Title reference: Rivers and road by The Head and The Heart.
  • Yup, Paige got pregnant! I honestly didn't think she would get pregnant again because they've been trying with no luck ever since Emma was born. I didn't even bother to put her on BC because I didn't think she'd conceive anyway. It's very very early and she already had cramps a couple of times so I'm just hoping that she doesn't miscarry. The baby is due in October 2026.
  • I love the fact that Jack has help on the farm. Paula is an employee of the Farmer's Market and I just teleport her to the lot, make her a selectable and then make her work in the greenhouse. She doesn't have a badge in gardening yet so she's only been allowed to fertilize the plots and plant some tomatoes but she'll get there. Then I just subtract about €200 from the family funds at the end of the day and send her home. I don't bother giving her the money because she's a townie.
  • Jack has the fear of having a baby but his ideal family size if 4 so I'm interpreting it as being worried for Paige rather than not wanting to have a child.
  • The nurse's station doesn't actually exist - yet. I'm planning to redecorate parts of the hospital and adding a nurse's station is on my list of things to do.
  • Todd rolled the lottery ROS and won €5,300. The money's sitting pretty in his bank account now. The family's doing pretty well financially but extra money is always welcome, especially with a new baby on the way.


  1. Isn't Todd to young to do the lottery in the uk you have to be 16 or over. But i supposed in other places they might let a 14 year old gamble. But i suppose this is the sims not the real world. Lovely read though

    1. Honestly I hadn't even thought about that. And as much as I like having rules for a lot of things I don't think I'll ever have rules for everything. I think in Finland you have to be at least 15 to do lottery but I'm not sure. Todd won anyway. ;)

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. Well, at least they won't have to worry about Todd trying to get them to buy him a car! ;) My Anthony rolled a lottery ROS (for $50,000!) when he was a teen. I had Caleb and Cara keep it for him until he was out of college but he really didn't have a need for the money until then anyway. They didn't even have space for a car in the house he grew up in!

    That's amazing, I can't believe Paige is pregnant! I wasn't expecting that either. It makes sense that Jack would be worried (or have a fear, in sim language). It sounds like Paige is in really good hands though.

    1. I don't know if Todd will really use the money on a car but I thought it would be something that a 14-year-old boy living on the outskirts of town would probably want to do.

      I'm still kind of getting over the shock about Paige's pregnancy because it was so unexpected. I honestly had a smile from ear to ear when I heard that chime. I'm glad it makes sense how I wrote Jack's fear about having a baby. I just don't see him not wanting a child especially now that there's one on the way.

      Thanks for your comment. :)