Sunday, 15 February 2009

Walking on air

Round 4: University (Rianna)
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Rianna Whitfield is finally starting a life on her own in university. She wants to become a Visionary so naturally she chooses Art as her major.

Rianna tells her dormmate Teri Boyle that working for the scholarships was a total pain. Especially since she could feel the pressure of her parents' expectations heavy on her shoulders.

Rianna didn't get to go out with boys during her teendays but she has decided to make up for all the wasted time. Emmett Reich lives in the same dorm and Rianna thinks that he's quite yummy.

Rianna wants to experience all kinds of things. She immediately signs up for a break dance course at the student union especially when she hears they have a new handsome instructor.

Cyborg Café is a great place to meet the variety of guys in college! Blondes, brunettes, redheads - she loves them all!

Still it's nice to have her own "toyboy" conveniently living under the same roof. Soon it becomes clear that kisses and hugs aren't enough.

Rianna has a new favorite hobby: woohoo with Emmett! They both know their relationship won't go much further than this. They're too young to settle down.

Good grades come easily so Rianna has plenty of time to party. She loves to go to different locations every night and meet new people.

One of the new people she meets is Patrick Marlowe. The fact that he's married doesn't stop her from flirting and asking him out on a date.

Patrick won't have any of Rianna's nonsense. He won't jeopardize his marriage for some college girl. Rianna feels quite ashamed when he turns her down.

She decides to concentrate on her studies. She doesn't have a long time before graduating and she wants to maintain her 4.0 GPA.

Rianna does graduate with a 4.0 GPA and moves back to Wellington. She rents an apartment in the Breezy Village building. She breaks up with Emmett although they never were really committed anyway.

Settling down in Wellington

Rianna is lucky: she gets a job in the Artist career immediately after graduation. She starts as a Souvenir Whittler but she has her sight set on much higher than that.

Life can't be all work and no fun. Rianna is visited by Deacon Burrows and she finds him very attractive.

Deacon doesn't let little things like a fiancée and upcoming wedding stop him from flirting with beautiful women.

Their pants come off faster than a lightning bolt.

As soon as Rianna gets Deacon out of the door, she introduces herself to her neighbor Anthony Midlock. The other two men living in the same building don't seem very appealing but Anthony is definitely Rianna's type. She doesn't hurry though - they have plenty of time to get to know each other better.

It's been a long day with the move and the men so Rianna ends her evening with a relaxing bubble bath.

  • Title from "Walking on air" by Kerli
  • Ah, a bit of drama is exactly what Wellington needs! I was afraid things were starting to get a bit boring. Rianna has two bolts for loads of guys but I don't know if she's met her match yet. Or she might not settle down at all.
  • I went back to work last Monday, that's why I haven't updated sooner. I don't really have time to play during the week when I'm working but I'll try to update as often as possible.


  1. I love the drama Romance Sims can add! It looks like Rianna might cause quite a bit of trouble in Wellington!

    I'm very disappointed in Deacon! What would Stella think?

  2. I love the break dance course at the student union! I think I'm gonna borrow that idea :-)

    Rianna sure made up for all that she missed in her teen years!

  3. Rianna should play a visit to Rupert. He'd love her! ROFL

    Great update, a little drama is always called for. Hey, why does it have to be a little, why not alot? lol

  4. I noticed that photobucket censored the woohoo pic, it showed her bare bottom which apparently is a no-no. Well they were naked on the sofa... I might edit the pic and upload it again.

    I was kinda shocked when I saw Deacon fall for Rianna. I think it took about 30 sim minutes for them to get from the first hand shake to the sofa woohoo LOL. Apparently being engaged to a future moviestar isn't enough for him!