Saturday, 7 February 2009

Don't stop the music

Round 4: 1991-1995
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Little Nyah Fielding has left the toddler days behind her and is about to start school. On her last night as a careless child she enjoys a nice dinner that the nanny has cooked.

Unfortunately when it's time to pay the nanny for the evening, there's not enough money. So she takes the family's dining table and a couple of table lamps as payment.

Max and Regan won't let a missing dining table bother them. They simply buy a new one with another loan.

During breakfast Max pops the question. He's been hoping to do this for a long time and now it's just seems like the perfect moment.

Despite the fact that they're living together and have a child, Max is still a bit nervous whether Regan is going to accept the proposal or not. But he needn't worry, she is thrilled and says yes.

Nyah hears the good news when she comes home after her first school day. Her parents are finally getting married - tonight! There just happened to be vacancy in the new wedding chapel and Max and Regan don't see any reason to wait.

Regan and Max exchange their vows in a very simple ceremony in the Little Pink Chapel. Regan's family participates in their little party, even Rianna comes from the university.

Nyah congratulates her parents after the ceremony. They won't have a reception and they also won't be going on a honeymoon yet. Maybe in a few years when they've stabilized their finances.

After the wedding life continues as usual. Max helps Nyah with her homework. He's thrilled to be part of his daughter's life now. He missed out a lot when she and Regan were still at Brixton Academy.

Regan reads Nyah to sleep. The story is so enchanting that she continues reading even after Nyah has fallen asleep.

Nyah is quite outgoing and makes friends easily. She brings Paige Harper home after school and the girls play "Mary Mack" for hours.

The next morning Regan is not feeling too good. It kinda reminds her of the time she was pregnant with Nyah. And yes - she is pregnant. It's a good thing she has the day off work so she can rest.

Max is thrilled to hear the news when he comes home from work. He immediately plays a serenade for his wife with his new guitar.

Nyah has inherited her father's interest in music. She got a violin on her 7th birthday and she loves playing it after school.

Nyah also enjoys the stories that her nanny Lilly tells her. Lilly is very enthusiastic in preserving the nature and she often tells Nyah about recycling and saving the planet.

Deja vu! Regan is completely exhausted after her last day at work before her maternity leave starts. It was worth it though as she got a job as a Science Teacher. Max brings home some good news too, he's going to start working as a Freelance Photographer.

  • Title from "Don't stop the music" by Rihanna
  • More babies! I swear I'm gonna put all my sim ladies on birth control next round! Well I'm happy as long as Regan isn't having triplets or quadruplets (and I'll make sure she isn't!)
  • I might have to change the seasons in Wellington. My computer has been having a hard time handling the winter, it's been snowing constantly and the game keeps lagging quite badly. I love four seasons though so I'm not sure what to do.
  • Next round I will start adding the sims' ages as they are on the last day of that round. As for the Fieldings, on Day 20 Regan is 29, Max is 38 and Nyah is 8.


  1. No wonder they're broke - they have a violin and a guitar? And probably paying for lessons too ;-)

    About winter - does it help if you disallow snow on the ground? And you can use the ffs lot debugger from MATY to change the temp (I think) so it won't snow.

  2. It looks like they're happy, even if they're not wealthy. I hope they don't find themselves drowning in debt with their loans though! jealous of all your redheads! I really did not think my original Sullivan Sims' genetics through!

  3. ROFL, I was thinking the same thing. They do have quiet the debt built up. Hope it doesn't end bitting them in the bum. But they seem happy, and other little one on the wat. Hope they saved teh baby stuff. ;)

  4. Ah yes, my sims always save the baby stuff in their inventories. They seem to breed like rabbits anyway ;)

    I made it sound like Max and Regan are up to their ears in debt but actually they're much better off than some other families. I think they currently have about 4000-5000 in debt. I've started using Inge's mortgage shrub instead of Monique's computer loan so the interest rate isn't as high as it used to be.

    I did pay attention to the genetics in the beginning when I was making the sims. I made more blondes and redheads than brunettes and blackhaired sims.

  5. Hooray for Regan and Max! Not so much hurrah for having to take out a loan to replace the table, LOL. Mean old nanny anyway...

    Nyah is adorable.

    As someone else suggested, turning of the snow could possibly help with lag. :\

  6. I turned off the snow on ground and also turned reflections off. Though I've played uni now and it's fall all year round so I don't know if it made any difference. But I won't have to see snow for some time in the main hood anyway because it'll turn into spring.