Saturday, 7 February 2009


Round 4: 1991-1995
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Cal and Elissa Cooper move to Wellington with their twin sons. They're both Family sims, Cal's LTW is having 6 grandkids and Elissa wants to become Captain Hero. I downloaded them both from Selzisims.

Cal and Elissa got Ben and Sam when they were pretty young. The boys are already teenagers. Ben is a Knowledge sim and Sam is Family like his parents.

Elissa's first day as a Playground Monitor doesn't go too well. She gets fired immediately but she doesn't seem too depressed about it.

The neighbors flock to welcome the newest addition to the hood. Amabelle Harper is among the first visitors.

Also Grace Robinson comes for a visit. She's not too impressed with Sam at first.

Sam changes her mind quite quickly though and they both get to experience their first kiss.

Ben doesn't have the same luck with girls. He also thinks that Grace is very cute but of course he can't go after his brother's girl. Then he tries chatting up Camryn Mitchell at school but she doesn't want anything to do with him.

But it all changes when Ben meets Denise Whitfield. They hit it off immediately. Ben is pretty certain that Denise is the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.

After her bad start in the Education career, Elyssa decides to pursuit her real dream by applying to Police Academy. Luckily she impresses commandant Lassard and is recruited as a Cadet! She won't be graduating anytime soon though because she's pregnant and won't be able to attend the school for some time.

The boys go out to party on Saturday night with some of their friends. They meet up at Generation X. Grace brings her brother Jack and they also invite Calista Morgan from school. Denise couldn't make to the dinner but she'll join them later.

After the meal Ben and Sam concentrate on charming their lovely dates.

Sam asks Grace to go steady with him and she says yes! They spend the rest of the evening staring at each other's eyes and making out.

Ben finds enough courage to approach Denise and kiss her. It's their first kiss but they both enjoy it so much that it definitely won't be the last!

Back at home the boys join Cal and Elissa for a late dinner. Cal says that he expects the boys to help around the house when the baby is born. "You're too old to slack off all day". Ben and Sam feel like their father isn't giving them enough credit: they both have jobs and are also working hard for good grades and scholarships.

  • Title from "Homecoming" by Kanye West featuring Chris Martin
  • Most of the babies born in Wellington have been girls (except for Jack Robinson and Charlie Greene). I don't want them all to marry townies so I created this family with two teenboys. And it's nice to get some fresh blood into the hood.
  • Ben really did have a hard time charming the girls until he met Denise. All his conversations with the opposite sex were bad, the girl would put her fingers in her ears in no time ;) I don't know if they'll stay together for eternity though, they only have 1 bolt of chemistry for each other.
  • Day 20: Elissa and Cal are 32, Ben and Sam are 15.
  • Generation X was built by me but it's heavily inspired by the Lost Generation lot from Seriously Amused Sims. I was just too lazy to close down the game and install the lot when I realized I needed a place for teens. I've used twojeffs' visitor controller so only teens can enter the lot (except for the restaurant NPC's).


  1. I was wondering why you had new immigrants to your hood - fresh genes of course!

  2. Always good to get some fresh genetics in there! I have a girl overload myself.

    I almost thought I was looking at Gina from Sullivan when I saw Elissa. LOL. I hope she has more luck with her chosen career than Gina did though!

    I'm glad Denise and Grace have hooked up with Ben and Sam, even if it doesn't last forever. Teen romances don't have to!

  3. I had to stop immigration to my hood, I have over 100 playables now. *faints*

    Love teh new additions though, new blood,a nd new drama. 'Cause I know it's coming lol. Or maybe not. You know my hood went through a burst of a lot of male births, then it finally even out. I think there are enough girls and boys, but I still allow a few townies into the gene pool.

  4. I think that the Coopers are the last new family that will move in. There have been so many births (6 on round 4 so far!) that I'll have plenty of playing ahead of me when they all grow up.

    I'll still allow my sims to marry or at least have kids with townies but I think from now on I'll put a limit to how many kids each family can have. I don't wanna end up with an overpopulated hood on an early round like 7 or 8.

  5. Hahaha, oh boy. Look at all those teenage hormones flying around, yikes!

    I have had a recent string of girl births, too, buh. I hate trying to marry off girls to male townies. Girl townies are usually more attractive, LOL.

  6. I've made all the townies in Wellington (except for the apartment townies) so I like them all. I don't mind "my" girls to marry them. But it's true about the townies that the game generates, girls are usually more attractive.