Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Open water, stormy weather

Round 4: 1991-1995
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Stella and Deacon start their day with a grueling workout at the gym before they head off to work.

After dinner Deacon kneels down in front of Stella and asks her to marry him. He's been carrying the ring in his pocket for days waiting for the right moment.

Stella is thrilled to see the huge diamond ring and says "yes".

Stella doesn't have to go to work the next day but she doesn't want to spend the day alone in the apartment. She invites Regan for a lunch at the new restaurant Café Carousel.

They have heard that the chef's speciality is a delicious lobster thermidor so they both order that. And the rumors are true: the food is wonderful! Stella and Regan decide to make a habit of a weekly lunch together. It's so nice to catch up on what's been going on in their lives.

Back at home Deacon surprises Stella with some good news. He has quit his job in the Lab and is making his way into Politics instead. He has also bought them a massage table - which they both have been wanting for a long time.

Stella has made a deal with a fast food chain to appear in a few of their commercials . The outfit is ridiculous but Stella tries to set her mind on the money and just puts a huge smile on her face.

Stella and Deacon both got promotions! Stella has been signed to a do a voice for a cartoon character. Deacon is now a member of the City Council. They decide to celebrate by having dinner at Café Carousel.

They order the best champagne in the house and enjoy a wonderful meal. Maybe they should have the wedding reception at Café Carousel as well.

Stella and Deacon both have the weekends off so on Saturday they head off to Henley Park in Allerdale. Stella has been wanting to go ice skating ever since the winter came. She's pretty good on the skates but Deacon spends more time on his butt.

Stella decides it's much safer for everyone if she takes Deacon by the hand and they just slowly twirl around the ice. They have a wonderful time in the park. Too bad it's so far away that they can't come there every day.

After getting home they warm up by cuddling on the sofa. This time it's Stella's turn to give Deacon a massage. They'll get married the next day so it's good to relax a bit before the big day arrives.

  • Title from "Open water, stormy weather" by Von Hertzen Brothers
  • I've enjoyed playing a household with no kids for a change. Stella and Deacon have time for other activities like going out almost every day which is quite fun. But I think eventually I want them to have at least one kid. I'm not sure of them though. They want to get married but they're both Fortune sims and don't seem to have any desire to have children yet.
  • I have to modify Henley Park quite a bit. I built a cafeteria but the cook just won't appear so I have to add some other kind of food source. Stella and Deacon were really hungry when they got home.


  1. A nice drama free episode in your hood :-) We need those every now and then...
    P.S. If Stella and Deacon want to skate by the sidewalk outside their house, they can if they buy the "Box of Skates" at ( It's an ingenious download - now you can skate (Roller or ice) depending on the weather at the comfort of your own home. My sims love it! :-)

  2. How fun! A family of adults just enjoying life--definitely a nice change of pace.

    That's one thing I love/hate about ACR, the kids not being my decision, but the sims!

  3. simstate, I had forgotten about those skates, thanks :)

    All the born-in-game kids in my hood are the "product" of ACR except for Nyah Fielding who was born because I got bored with uni ;) I might restrict my sims a bit or I'll have an overpopulated hood in no time. Stella uses birth control though so she and Deacon can fool around quite freely.

  4. It's fun to play young couples with no kids. I tend to get bored if they stay that way too long but I like it when they choose to wait for a bit before they have kids. Deacon and Stella look like they're having fun, just the two of them.

    I wonder if AL broke something with cooks and community lots. Mine still appear on my college lots but I can't get one to appear at my aquatic centre for the life of me. :\

  5. I remember you mentioned that you couldn't get the cook to appear at the aquatic centre and I decided to try whether it worked in my game but it doesn't. Stupid EA :(