Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Round 9: Summer 2011
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Stella Harris is 47, Liv is 13 and Finn is 6 and Deacon Burrows is 46.
(Erin is 16 and Danny is 15.)

Narrated by Liv Harris

Mom finally gave me permission to have a girls' night out with Erin with a strict command to come home at 9 pm. We went to Generation X to see if there were any cute boys there.

It was slim pickings! There were some college students but not the guy that Erin sort of has a crush on, Rick something. None of the guys from our school appeared so we ended up having dinner and playing pool for a while before going home. Don't get me wrong, we had fun but not as much fun we would've had if cute guys appeared.

It's been so hot this summer that we practically get a heatstroke the moment we step outside. Finn got these sunburns just walking back to our apartment from the pool.

I invited my childhood friend Danny over so he could enjoy our pool. Well it's not technically our pool but the other tenants never seem to use it so it might as well be ours. Who would've guessed Danny would grow up to be so cute!

He was acting all coy but I finally managed to steal a kiss from him. It was my first kiss - and it definitely won't be my last!

We went inside for dinner and it was a bit awkward. We didn't talk much. He mostly kept looking at the bowl of mac and cheese in front of him like there was something really interesting in there. He left right after dinner, it was like he couldn't have gotten out of the door any faster.

I rushed downstairs to my room and called Erin immediately. She said she "knew something" but wasn't sure if she should tell me. After some convincing from my part she finally told me that she had been to a party at the campus of Brixton Academy and had seen Danny kissing Janie Greene!

Needless to say I found it a bit hard to concentrate on my homework. I just kept thinking about Danny.

Luckily my parents are completely unaware of my problems. They're both concentrating on their careers so intensely that they give us hardly any attention. I'm not sure if that's a good thing though. Anyway, dad is always playing chess to unwind after a hard day at work and mom is obsessed in staying fit. She goes jogging every day and does yoga before she goes to the theatre. I guess being an adult means that you have to remove anything remotely fun from your life. I'm so happy to be a teenager!

  • Title from "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia
  • Liv only has 1 nice point although she's never really acted rudely. However I would imagine that she's a bit spoilt and she's used to getting what she wants. I had always imagined that Liv and Danny would end up together since they've been friends for years but then he went and kissed Janie. So the situation is kind of open at the moment. I won't play the Cooper household until Autumn 2012 so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.


  1. I hope Liv isn't too upset about the whole Janie and Danny thing. Janie might not even be interested in Danny soon. She'll be an adult or young adult next year, won't she?

  2. Janie will start college in 2013. I think I'll try to push Danny and Liv together. Liv is Romance though so she might not even want to settle down yet.