Monday, 27 July 2009

In your arms

Round 8: Autumn 2010
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Thomas Marlowe is 23, Patsy Greene and Camryn Mitchell are 19 and Alexa and Brooke Harper are 18.

Brooke throws a sports party although it has nothing to do with sports. She just wants to see Charlie. He still has a couple of years of highschool left so they don't see each other very often. Charlie isn't very interested in the academics so he might skip college altogether.

Brooke didn't expect her party to turn into a teenagers' kiss fest! Charlie's sister Janie and Danny Cooper seem to like each other very much since their lips seem pretty inseparable.

Brooke is trying to do a favor for Thomas and his girlfriend Nyah by hooking Nyah's little sister Erin up with some cute college boys. Nyah had told Brooke how worried she was about Erin who seemed to have a crush on a much older man. Brooke isn't sure whether Erin's parents would be very pleased to see her chatting up to college students but at least they're only a few years older!

Nothing romantic happens but Erin seems to enjoy Rick Benson's company.

Camryn and Patsy stay away from the party and cuddle in Camryn's room. Patsy practically lives there too but she still has her own room since officially students don't share rooms.

Thomas drags himself out of bed early in the morning so he can work on his term paper. All the other residents are still sleeping so it's nice and quiet.

The Harper twins don't seem to take their studies as seriously. They just don't see the point in working hard when you can get good grades by befriending the professors.

Thomas has once again finished all his classes earlier than anyone else so he can take it easy. Brooke gives him some good tips how to get to the next level on SSX3.

Thomas seems to have too much time on his hands as he lures his way into Teri Boyle's bed! He's not such a nice guy after all. He'd better make sure that Nyah doesn't find out.

Another semester is over and the gang celebrates by having a small barbecue party. Alexa makes some grilled chicken and they all sit down on the terrace and enjoy their time together.

Random pics:
I've never seen a sim take a nap while sitting in a chair!

Patsy (junior) - 3.7 GPA, Psychology
Camryn (junior) - 3.0 GPA, Mathematics
Thomas (junior) - 3.7 GPA, Literature
Alexa (sophomore) - 4.0 GPA, Philosophy
Brooke (sophomore) - 4.0 GPA, Art

  • Title from "In your arms" by Von Hertzen Brothers
  • I just realized today that I sent Patsy & Camryn and Alexa & Brooke one year too soon to college. I should've waited until the year they turn 19 and not send them when they turn 18. Oh well. No harm done.
  • I installed the new ACR yesterday so Janie and Danny had their first kiss autonomously and I completely missed it! I like the new features a lot.


  1. I have to get the new ACR, I keep hearing about it.

    The twins are too funny! I love that they're living up the college life.

  2. I really like the new ACR, I love seeing my sims doing all kinds of cute stuff autonomously like holding hands etc. It's still a Beta version but TJ said it's pretty stable already.

    It's fun to play students that are so different. Thomas is a real workaholic, he constantly gets wants to do assignments and write termpapers. The twins on the other hand don't get any study related wants. I let them go on one class each semester but they have the right skills so that they get good grades even if their study bar is still on red.

  3. Thomas! I'm surprised at you! I hope that's a one-off because I'm sure Nyah wouldn't be happy, were she to find out.

    I have seen Sims napping in chairs like that before (rarely) but until your pic of Patsy, I actually thought it was an elder-only thing!