Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Back for good

Round 12: Spring 2017
last update

Greg Newman is 24 and Malia Kai is 21. 
(Erin is 22 and Iona is 5.)

Narrated by Greg Newman

I've come back to Wellington. The closer it came for me to leave, the harder it felt to leave Malia behind. I finally asked whether she would want to move to Wellington with me and she said yes. I probably would have stayed at the island if it wasn't for Iona but I just don't want to live so far away from her for any longer.

We rented an apartment in Exmoor. It's a bit pricey but Malia had some money of her own so we were able to pay the deposit without taking a loan. Our apartment is quite bare but the most important thing is that we have food in the fridge and a bed to sleep in.

Malia's very eager to learn how to cook so I let her take over the kitchen even if it means I'll probably be eating sandwiches for a few months.

We set up a room for Iona in case she ever wants to sleep over at our place.

Iona brought her over as soon as we had settled in. She's gotten so big! I feel like I've missed out on so much but it's all my own fault so I can't really complain. She's in school now and Erin says she's made quite a many friends already.

I was quite worried about Erin meeting Malia because I want them to get along. I could tell they were both pretty reserved at first.

Iona did most of the talking during lunch, she kept telling everything about school and her new friends and mommy's friend Toby. I haven't met him yet but I'm hoping we'll get along for Iona's sake.

Malia and Erin talked quite a lot after lunch. Luckily they didn't seem to go for each other's throats so I let them get to know each other and took Iona to see her room.

I would say that she liked it - judging by the way she jumped on the bed.

She also seems to like Malia so I'm hoping they'll become friends. God knows, Iona doesn't need any more confusion in her life.

  • Title reference: Back for good by Take That
  • This is Greg's last post as a playable because he will become a playable NPC now. I'm very tempted to keep him as a playable though since I already planned he and Malia could open an arts & crafts shop.


  1. I think you should. I'm probably the only fan of Greg, sort of. I would like to see more of the new him. And Malia too. They would make some good looking babies.

  2. Laurel, I used to hate Greg after he dumped Erin and was 100% sure that he would become a playable NPC soon. I'm starting to like him more and more though. I might keep him as a playable after all but I haven't really decided yet.

  3. They could still open the shop as a playable NPC. Either way, I'm sure we'll see plenty of Greg because of Iona.

  4. I agree with Apple Valley, they could still open a shop as playable NPC's, but it sure would be nice to see how they would handle it, just as playables, and I would love to see their children one day, I'm sure they will be so cute!
    I like how they created a little place for Iona into their new home, and that Malia is trying to get along with Iona.

  5. Apple Valley, you're right about the shop. I was just thinking about it today and I think I'll let them open the shop anyway at some point. I'm sure Greg will make many appearances in any update that involves Iona.

    Tanja, you'll get to see Greg and Malia's kids in the birthday posts, school updates etc. They're both family sims so I'm sure they'll have kids eventually. She's still very young though and they haven't been together for very long so maybe it's not time for kids yet but some day :)

  6. I'd still do the shop too, whether he gets to stay as a real playable or not. Like everyone's been saying, Greg is still a pretty important Sim in the hood and I'm sure we'll see him around.

    Greg's looking great with his new haircut, by the way!

  7. Carla, they'll open the shop but probably not yet. I think I'll make him a playable NPC for now but I can always change him back to a playable if I feel like. It's my hood and I do what I want with it LOL

    Greg was definitely in need of a haircut because he looked like a beach bum after living in the island for two years :) I think he looks good too.

  8. I'm glad that things seem to be going on a "happy" path for Erin and Greg, even if it's not together. I was thinking the same as another, that Malia and him would make cute babies.

    Ditto on him owning the shop anyway. I actually have the majority of my shops run by my playable NPCs. Then I get to pick the staff, and details (like expensive or the menu), but I don't have to physically run it.

  9. Maisie, things are definitely going on the right direction for Erin and Greg. I don't think they would've been very happy if they had stayed together.

    Two restaurants in Wellington are owned by a playable NPC because I wanted to set the menu. They don't serve hamburgers in the town's finest french restaurant!