Friday, 16 April 2010

Where you lead

Round 12: Spring 2017
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Charlie Greene is 23.
(Bobbie is 66 and Brooke is 25.)

Narrated by Charlie Greene

I walked home from work in pouring rain. Of course I didn't have an umbrella.

The next morning I woke up feeling sick. I don't know if it was because I got soaked in the rain or maybe I just caught the bug that's been going around lately.

Mom rushed to my aid immediately. I know she and dad were pretty worried when I had food poisoning a couple of years ago so nowadays they seem to react if they hear me sneeze or something!

Mom said she'd make me a huge bowl of the magic soup she always made when we were kids. I don't know what she puts in that soup but it seems to do the trick everytime.

She ordered me to go to bed and stay there until I felt better. To be honest I was feeling quite weak so I didn't resist too much.

The soup obviously hasn't lost its magic because I started feeling a lot better and was back to my old self in a couple of days.

Brooke and I have been officially together for some time now. A couple of months ago we went on a non-date which ended up as a kiss fest. It just feels so right to be with her.

Mom had saved that old photo booth picture of us together and she gave it back to me when Brooke and I started dating again. Brooke loves the photos so I put them on the wall. You can tell they were taken years ago since my face is full of zits!

We've become pretty much inseparable. We spend almost all our freetime together, mostly at her place because she has much nicer furniture.

I finally suggested that maybe we should move in together.

"You know, I could get a couple of guys to help move your furniture next door" I said. She didn't consider her answer for long, she simply hugged me and said yes!

Living together has been great so far. Brooke took over the kitchen which is good since we'd probably get many visits from the fire department if I cooked more. I promised to take charge of cleaning the apartment every week. Mom taught us kids to do household chores and she always made sure to mention that cleaning isn't just a woman's job.

We threw a sort of a housewarming party to celebrate our new life together. We invited all our siblings but some of them didn't make it because of jobs, babies and other responsibilities.

Janie and Danny came all the way from Brixton. I can't believe they're having a baby in a few months! Janie's always said that she doesn't wanna have kids until she's 30 because she wants to build a proper career in the business world first. She was really shocked at first when she found out about the pregnancy but she seems quite happy about it now.

I just hope Brooke doesn't get any crazy ideas in her head. I want kids eventually but I'm definitely not ready to be a parent just yet.

Even Patsy and Camryn came over and had fun. They practically never leave the house ever since they adopted their daughter Mia.

We had to cut the party a bit short because Niall who lives upstairs came to complain about the noise. We're definitely gonna throw more parties in the future but the next time we'll invite the neighbors so they can't complain!

  • Title reference: Where you lead by Carole King
  • I figured Charlie and Brooke wouldn't wait long before moving in together since they've known each other for eternity and already dated about 8 years before the break-up. I'm so happy they're back together.
  • Charlie is one of the unlucky sims to get the flu epidemic ROS this round.
  • I've had this update half-ready for many days but I've been working extra hours at work (from 3 pm to 1 am) and I've been too tired to even think about updating. I'm back to my normal work schedule now so updates should come more frequently.


  1. Their little apartment is cute, then again I've always admired your apartments. They always seem basic enough for the young sims, nothing too fancy or dirty, but nice and plain.

    The housewarming party looks like fun. I wish invited sims would bring gifts for those special parties like birthday or wedding presents.

  2. Thanks :) I didn't actually build the apartment building, it's built by squeam and can be found here:

    I also wish that guests could bring gifts, especially for weddings. I sometimes use the "give gift" feature but it's not the same.

  3. Aw, I'm so glad to see Charlie and Brooke back together! They're sweet together. Thankfully the flu didn't make moving in together an impossibility!

    LOL @ Niall! What a party pooper!

  4. It took a little longer for them to get back together than I had planned at first. I hope this time it'll all go well.

    Niall wasn't the only party pooper! Their two other neighbors (Toby Parker and some random dude) also came to complain. Like they don't play loud music in the middle of the night!