Sunday, 4 April 2010


Round 12: Winter 2017
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Brooke Harper is 25.
(Amabelle is 62 and Charlie is 23.)

Narrated by Brooke Harper

I think my college professors would be very surprised to see how well my career is building up. I've left the horoscopes and obituaries behind and now I'm working as an investigatory journalist. I've been lucky but I've also worked really hard for the past two years. I managed to dig up a really juicy story about a settled basketball match and that was my ticket to a better position.

I sometimes work at home but I usually get distracted. Alexa is often online now that she's home with the babies so we chat quite often. I completely fell apart the last time I was home. I've kept everything inside for so long that it was bound to happen. I actually felt better afterwards and Alexa also gave me some good advice. I know I have to be the one to make the first move if I want to get Charlie back.

There's a real flu epidemic going on and of course I caught it! I woke up one morning feeling like crap.

My boss sent me home early because apparently not only do I feel like crap I also look like crap. He told me to get some rest and take a hot bath and not come back until I'm fully recovered.

I honestly think I might choke to death. The cough is really annoying. It usually starts right when I try to get some sleep or when I'm on the phone.

Mom had the same thing but she recovered pretty quickly. She wanted to come to check on me but I told her to stay away. I don't want anyone else to catch this.

She had called Paige's husband Jack though and convinced him to come over when he was in town. He rang the doorbell one evening and brought in a juicer and some oranges. He said that many people say that organic orange juice helps with the cold.

I've always kind of thought he's a jerk but I guess I was wrong. He actually seems like a nice guy and he wouldn't even take money for the oranges.

"Nah, you're family. Just call us if you need anything, I know Paige is worried about you", he said before he left.

I don't know if it was the orange juice or the soaking in the bathtub or just simply resting but the next day I felt a 100% better.

I've been cooped up in my apartment for a few days so I wanted to get out. I heard Charlie was home so I went knocking on his door.

I asked if he wanted to go for a brunch at Tom's Diner which is on a walking distance from the apartment.

"Just as friends, you know, it's not a date. I mean, if you're not doing anything", I said.

"Ok, let's go on a non-date then", he said and grabbed his coat.

It was weird but I was really nervous. We've known each other since we were kids but it was all a bit awkward at first. I kept blabbing about everything although it seemed that he was hardly listening to a word I said.

Then all of a sudden he pulled me onto his lap and gave me this incredibly passionate kiss. I swear my toes curled up!

"That ought to shut you up for a second" he said and gave me one of his sexy grins. He was right, I was totally speechless!

I'm still a bit confused though. When we got back to the apartment he wanted to play kicky bag - which is definitely the least romantic thing you can do. I was too scared to ask if the kiss meant that he still has feelings for me or if he really just wanted to shut me up.

Mom called me at work and asked whether she could come over later that evening. Dad was working late in the lab and she wanted to give Alexa and Will some privacy. She brought a pizza and we had a nice conversation. First she naturally made sure I had fully recovered from the flu and that I had food in the fridge and stuff like that.

Apparently someone had seen me and Charlie kissing at the diner because suddenly she brought up the subject of marriage.

"You know, your sister's getting married this summer. Maybe next year it's your turn?" she said.

I tried to tell her that I wasn't even dating anyone so I was hardly gonna get engaged or married very soon.

"Not dating anyone? Well, it sure didn't sound like that when Paige told me that she had seen you and Charlie kissing in the diner" she said and actually winked!

All in all it was great seeing her. We didn't get to talk much the last time I was home so it was nice to spend some time with her. I just hope she doesn't bump into Charlie somewhere and start asking what his intentions are!

  • Title from "Magic" by Ladyhawke
  • Brooke is the second victim of the flu epidemic. 8 more to go!
  • Brooke and Charlie aren't officially dating yet but I think they're getting there.


  1. Aww, I love how he shut her up, but it sucks not knowing where she stands in his life and if the other woman is in the picture. I like her new hairstyle, very mod.

  2. Hi! I'm Tessa, and I just linked over from Sullivan to here. I like your style a lot! It was pretty funny how he shut her up too, I think I will keep reading your blog, it seems interesting :)

  3. Apple Valley, Charlie is definitely keeping his cool. I wish he had given her some kind of hint other than wanting to shut her up.

    I've always seen Brooke as someone who's really into fashion and trends so I thought that the hairstyle would suit her really well. And it does!

    Tessa, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit and thank you for the compliments. I've been too busy to start reading Ardania yet but it seems interesting, I'll definitely start reading when I have time.

  4. I'm glad Brooke talked to Charlie but I do hope he's not sending her mixed messages with that kiss. Kissing her and then going back to the apartment and playing kicky bag? Make up your mind, Charlie! LOL!

    Brooke is so cool looking. It's a little bit Tyra Banks of me to say so but she actually does look fierce! Even while she's coughing up a lung, the poor girl!

  5. Carla, I don't know if Charlie is still punishing her in a way because she dumped him. His update is coming up soon so hopefully that will shed some light over the whole thing.

    Brooke is definitely my most chic sim. I love everything about her looks.

  6. aww, love it. The kiss to shut her up, how nervous she was.

    I'm very much looking forward to his update.

    LOL on her mom hinting marriage!! That's moving a little quickly from a kiss/hacky sack, to marriage. ;)

  7. Maisie, their date was so much fun to play and I'm glad you guys liked it too.

    I think two new grandsons and the upcoming wedding have soften Amabelle and she wants the last single daughter of hers to get hitched as well. I don't think Brooke and Charlie will rush it even if they do get back together.